Pomfret Fish Nutrition

Fish is indeed a source of unique nutrients. When it comes to Pomfret, that will be even higher. This content will explain the Pomfret Fish nutrition facts.

Pomfret is one of the most common fish types for Asians for a reasonable price. Although it has the highest selling price in Europe, people who live in the Southern Asian region are entitled to have this fish for a reasonable price. Although Pomfret has got every nutrient other fish has, food poisoning, heavy metals, and fat deposition like disadvantages are not available for Pomfret fish as the mid holders in the food chain. When coming to the butter taste of the fish, the perfection of the Pomfret can be assumed pretty easily.

This article will explain everything you need to know about Pomfret Fish Nutrition.

The Nutrient Content Of One Serve Of Pomfret Fish

 Energy (kcal) – 111
Protein (gm) – 20.3
Fats (gm)2.61.3
Carbohydrates (gm) – 1.5
Calcium (mg) – 286
Phosphorus (mg) – 306
Iron (mg) – 2.3
Sodium (mg) – 443
Cholesterol (mg) – 38

What Is So Special About Pomfret Fish nutrition?

According to research conducted by Japan, Pomfret fish has the highest Omega 3 Fatty acid as a fish. A research had been conducted by Japan Food Research Laboratories to assume the nutrient content of Pomfret, one of the most common fish in the Japan Sea. According to the research, the Omega 3 content of one serve had been recorded as 2.56g, which was the highest by a fish.

Omega 3 nutrient is an essential nutrient that our body can not produce. Omega 3 is responsible for better mental health as the first priority. Other than that, vitamins A, B, and D are also available in Pomfret fish in higher ratios. All these nutrients cause to have a better healthiness in the end.

What Are The Health Benefits That Can Be Obtained From Pomfret Fish?

Here are 08 Health Benefits That a comfort Fish consumer might gain.

Improved Immunity Ensured By Pomfret Fish Nutrition

The 21st century is a time when immunity is a must-have thing, unlike anything. Your food habit is responsible for either decreasing the immunity or increasing the immunity. Calcitriol is one of the compounds contains in Pomfret fish. The more you consume it, the more it will come into your body and cause you to have an increased immunity. Cold, headache, flu, and several viral diseases will]l be off your infectious diseases menu.

Controlled Cholesterol Levels

The deposition of cholesterol is one of the setbacks you may get from fish consumption. Pomfret Fish doesn’t have fat than other fish. When it comes to saturated fatty acids, Pomfret fish have only omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, Pomfret fish can be recommended for adults who have cholesterol problems already and get rid of existing cholesterol levels in the end.

It Will Makes You Strong

Pomfret fish is filled with 100% healthy substances. Although, what a consumer can claim is less than 80% of the total content, toxins, heavy metals, or any food poisoning agents will not be in it. It means, even if the consumer is a daily consumer or a week-wise consumer, there will not be any setback. One serve of Pomfret fish delivers 96kcal which is a higher amount than other fish types. As a protein source, Pomfret ensures a strong body as well.

Reduced Heart Disease Risks

One of the most crucial uses of Omega 3 fatty acids is to ensure a healthy heart. Since Pomfret fish nutrition is basically about Omega 3 fatty acids, consumers can have a healthy heart. Heart failures, diseases, fat deposition, and lots of setbacks can be overcome along with Pomfret fish consumption.

Brain Growth Of Children

Fish consumption is recommended by medicine practitioners for adults due to its amazing health benefits. As one of the best food sources for brain health and brain growth, fish is essential to be given to children. But, one of the reasons to not have fish recommended is the content of metallic substances.

Since the DHA and EPA are higher in Pomfret fish nutrition, and the fish are mid holders in the food chain, it is recommended to give it to children. According to research conducted in 2011 by ISSFAL, it was proven that Pomfret fish is responsible for enabling effective brain health.

An Embracing Skin

Vitamin D is capable of facilitating vigorous skin for you. Pomfret fish nutrition allows the consumers to have a healthy diet along with enough Vitamin D types. Some types of Vitamin D, such as Vitamin D2, and D3 have the ability to reduce skin aging as well as some diseases conditions. Other than that,

it has been found that the Pomfret Fish Nutrition’s outcome is to increase the moisture of the skin. Along with saturated glands on your skin, you will not get infected with microorganisms as well.

Stroke Reduction

According to research conducted by Dr. Rajiv Chowdhury, it has been proven that Pomfret fish can rescue the stroke severity by 50%. When it comes to the prevention of a stroke, it is about 21%.  Other than that, improved brain health, brain functioning, and inflammation are few other benefits that a consumer may get from Pomfret Fish Nutrition.

Reduction Of Anxiety And Depression

As one of the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids, the healthiness of the brain will be increased by Pomfret fish. Omega 3 fatty acids release numerous substances into the bloodstream which end up wetting the neurons as the outcome. Along with increased functionality, some mental illnesses such as anxiety, and depression can be overcome using the Pomfret Fish Nutrition.


Pomfret Fish Nutrition consists of lots of health benefits. It almost doesn’t have any setback as a nutrient source. The given benefits are available for a Pomfret fish consumer as a sure thing. But, you have to remember that the longer consumption of this fish type has to be consumed after the approval of a doctor. Because the serving of nutrients cannot be controlled, a doctor’s advice is vital prior to consume.

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