Crab fishing is an ever-booming industry, and millions of tons are caught every year. Crabmeat is a prized delicacy and loved all around the world. Alongside commercial crabbing, most people love to catch one by themselves. And different techniques are used throughout the world because of varying sizes and species. 

In the commercial industry, large cages are used for apparent reasons, and for hobby crabbing, different-sized nets and cages are used. So if you are craving some crab meat and want to go crabbing, you should keep on reading because we have a list of the top 5 Blue crab traps coming up for you.


Catching a crab might be a tricky task. Crabs appear clumsy out on land, but in water, they are pretty fast. Unlike fish, the crab doesn’t stay on the line to be reeled in. And catching them by hand requires a lot of practice as they can put up a fight as they are pretty tough with sharp pincers. 

The most prized crabs often live in rugged parts of the ocean, and the only way to catch them is by using traps. You have to select the type of trap according to the size of the crab you are going for. As Blue crab traps come in all sizes and shapes, the crab will just walk past after eating the tasty bait if you use the wrong size. You can also get lucky with some shrimp, lobster, and even fish with your Blue crab traps for an added bonus.

A crab trap is a specially designed contraption to bait and catch delicious crabs. Below is our list of the top 5 best Blue crab traps for you to know more about them.

How to Buy Best Blue Crab Traps -[Buying guide]

In this write-up we discussed in detail about top 5 Blue crab traps for you. But before you buy one, it’s better to know a little more about them. It’s essential to know a few things beforehand about Blue crab traps, such as their various types and more. You have to have all the information because it’s up to your requirements what you’re really are looking after.

Types of Blue Crab Traps

Before you go out to buy Blue crab traps, you must know their types. If you are going for a big catch and want to return later to pick your traps, consider cage traps. The risk of losing your catch is small to none in cage traps. And if you want a quick trap and grab, then ring net and pyramid traps are ideal, but chances of losing your catch are high in these types.

These types of Blue crab traps have two rings, one being larger than the other. These metal rings are connected with a net, and the top is open. The rope is tied to the top for pulling it out of the water. It is almost like a bucket configuration but with a lot of holes in it. When you cast this trap, it lies flat on the bottom, very discretely. 

To haul in the catch, you have to pull it upwards, giving no time for the crabs to escape through the open end. When you remove the trap upwards, the larger ring will pull upwards, trapping the crabs inside. Ring net traps are for beginners and for those who want a quick trap and grab.


These types of Blue crab traps are made from metal and come in various shapes and sizes. They are also known as crab pots. These cage traps have multiple entry doors for crabs to get in and are one-way openings; they can’t get out. Usually, there are escape holes for small and female crabs. 

These cage traps are hassle-free, and once baited, you can leave them for hours on the ocean floor. This type of cage trap is ideal for recreational and commercial crabbing. You just have to select an excellent location to cast the trap and wait for the trap to fill in.

  • Pyramid Traps

Pyramid traps are somewhat similar to ring-net traps. Made from metal, when these traps are cast, they are star-shaped, and each end has a rope hoop. When hauled upwards, the sides immediately come up and forms the trap pyramid shape. When baited, it lies open on the seafloor and should not be left for a long time, or the bait will be eaten entirely, and what’s left will be an empty cage. These traps are medium to large and are built strongly for choppy waters.

Size of Blue Crab Traps

Choosing the size for your Blue crab traps is also essential. The size of the trap usually depends on the size of the crab you are planning to catch. As crabs come in all shapes and sizes, so are the traps. If you are going for the big ones, you need to pick a size that can fit your catch and has an entrance large enough for the crab to enter. Alongside choosing the size, you also have to consider the weight of your catch and select the appropriate size according to that.

Hole Size in Blue Crab Traps

The hole spacing between the trap should also be considered. Whether you are using which type of trap you intend to use, if the hole size is bigger than the crab you are after, you have to leave empty-handed. The hole size must not be bigger than 3 x 3 inches. The escape holes must also be at least 3-4 inches wide to let the small crabs escape.

Material and Construction

Blue Crab traps are primarily made of metal, netting material, or a mix of both. The cage and pyramid traps are made entirely of metal, while the ring net traps have metal rings with netting material. Although the netting material is lightweight but is not that durable, any rough use or crabs munching into it can destroy it. 

The metal traps are durable and long-lasting, and if you are looking for a trap for more extended use, then go for the metal traps. Due to the vinyl coating, they are corrosion-resistant and perfect for use in rough seas.

 The netting material traps have a foldable construction and are easy to carry, but the only issue is the durability. That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t last long, but you would have to make repairs frequently. The metal cage traps have both foldable and rigid construction. They are easier to carry and relatively easy to use as well.


You definitely don’t want a crab trap that is not durable. Always check for materials that are used to be of high quality. Netting material is lightweight and durable but might need frequent repairs. Metal traps are more durable as they have corrosion protection and can handle rough use.

Maintaining Your Blue Crab Traps

Maintaining your crabbing gear means cleaning, repairing, and replacing any damaged traps. You should always go for the crabbing trap that is durable and easy to maintain. Netting material is easy to fix but a little challenging to clean. At the same time, metal cage traps are easy to clean and, if poorly damaged, will need a replacement. Regular maintenance will give extra life to your Blue crab traps.


1. Promar TR-555 Folding Crab Trap with top Door

The first crab trap on our list is the Promar TR-555 model. Promar is an American fishing tackle and outdoor accessories manufacturer based in California. Promar believes in quality products to provide the best experience to its customers. Let’s go crabbing with Promar TR-555.

Promar TR-555 Folding Crab Trap with top Door

Promar TR-555 crab trap is ideal for recreational and professional crabbing. It is made from high-quality steel wrapped with commercial-grade vinyl. This protection is vital because of its rough use as it will be dragged across sea bed around its life. The vinyl also protects the metal from rusting and giving it a long life.

This crab trap has a foldable design and entirely lies flat. It helps you transport it easily in your vehicle and fishing boat all at once. You can also stack multiple traps on top of one another, free up a lot of space, and organize its storage. The folding hinge mechanism is basic and does not require much effort to unfold; just pull the top handle, and you are ready to go. Not only do you save a lot of space, you save a lot of time and energy.


The Promar crab trap has a rectangular structure measuring 24L X 24W X 13H inches. The dimensions make it the most compact and easy to use for crabbing on a small boat. It has a mesh design that measures 3 X 3 inches and is perfect to catch the crabs you are after. 

This trap is perfect for crabbing as it has four entrances for the sea crustaceans to enter from either side. The entrances are one way, and the crabs cannot escape from it. There are two round escape routes on the sides measuring 4 3/8 inches. The escape rings are left for small fish and crabs to escape while leaving the big catch inside.

At the top of there is a harvest door that has a hook latch for opening and closing to put the bait and takeout the tasty crab when caught. This Promar TR-555 crab trap does not come with a bait holder, so you have to improvise one source it by yourself. In all, this crab trap is convenient and straightforward to use for hobby crabbing.

Pros                                                     Cons

  • Easy to use                                          Doesn’t come with a bait holder
  • Foldable design
  • Durable design
  • Entrances from all side

Technical Details

2. Danielson Pacific FTC Crab Trap

Here we have another folding crab trap for you which is manufactured by Danielson. Their pacific FTC crab trap is compact-sized and easy to transport. It can be used for recreational and commercial crabbing. All you have to do is bait it and leave it in the right spot underwater and wait for some delicious crabs to get trapped.

 Danielson Pacific FTC Crab Trap

These Blue crab traps from Danielson are built to withstand rough conditions and salty seawater. It is made from high tensile steel wire into a mesh structure. Its mesh structure doesn’t allow crabs to get out of it. The steel mesh is vinyl coated which prevents corrosion and gives your crab pot a long life. 

The Danielson Pacific Blue crab traps measure 24L X 24W X 13H inches, making them compact enough for recreational crabbing. It also has a foldable design which makes it easy to transport. Once folded, multiple traps can be stacked on top of one another or be put under your car seat or trunk. Its compact size and foldable feature make it space-saving on your fishing boat.


These foldable Blue crab traps have four inlet doors that are placed in the center on each side. These doors are one way, and the big crabs wouldn’t get out one they’re in. you can call this model a humane crab trap because it is made with legal requirements for Blue crab traps in various US states. At the top of the cage, there are two escape holes for the small and female crabs. One of the escape holes has a fall-away rot cord system.

The fall-away rot cord system works by tying a bio-degradable cord to an escape hole on the crab trap. If your trap is lost at sea, the cord will rot away, leaving enough space for trapped crabs to live another day. This small ingenuity has saved millions of crabs because every year, thousands of traps are lost at sea, which resulted in the waste of crabs, but now they get a fair chance to escape thanks to the rot cord.

Setting up this trap is simple; you just have to unfold it, which doesn’t require much effort. The bait holder is not included, which you can buy separately or use an older one if you happen to have it. After putting the bait, you are good to go.

Pros                                                                 Cons

  • The foldable design                                               Doesn’t have a bait holder
  • Easy to setup
  • Saves space 

Technical Details

3. Maryland Blue Crab Pot Trap, Made in the USA

If you are looking for Blue crab traps for a big catch or your commercial crabbing, then we have a perfect match for you. The Maryland blue crab trap has the ideal size for medium to large-scale crabbing. Its Manufacturer, Lee Fisher Sports, is a leading recreational and commercial fishing supplies provider based in Florida, USA.

Maryland Blue Crab Pot Trap

The Maryland Blue crab pot trap measures 24L x 12W x 12H inches. Its medium to large size makes it a perfect crab trap for recreational and commercial use. It is made from a high-grade 16-gauge steel wire. It is coated in plastic vinyl for corrosion protection and makes it long-lasting durability. 

The trap has a square mesh design making it more robust, and it has a non-foldable rigid structure. Measurement of the mesh squares is taken at 1.5 x 1.5 inches making it impossible for big crabs to escape. Its ends are adequately secured all-round to keep the trap from collapsing during its rough use. 

These Blue crab traps have two entrances for the crabs at either sides’ held together with PVC brackets. There is three escape hole for small and female crabs to safely get out of the trap. At the top, you will find a large open door to retrieve the catch. In the middle, we have the large bait holder, and its opening is at the bottom. 


This Maryland blue crab trap has a TED (Turtle Excluder Device), which allows the Turtles to safely move out from the cage. The TED is included to meet the safety regulations required in most US states.

The accessories that come with this pot make it one of the best Blue crab traps on our list. There is a 15-foot long rope included that has an afloat at the end. The float makes it easy to locate in the rough sea, and you can take it out of the water without spending much effort. 

It also comes with a crab and lobster measuring gauge that allows you to measure the size of your catch which is permitted by state regulations. Any small catch or egg-laying females are returned to the sea. 

Pros                                                                 Cons

  • Heavy-duty Blue crab traps                                    Don’t have a foldable design
  • Comes with a rope and float
  • Has a TED for marine life safety
  • Crab and lobster measuring gauge

Technical Details

4. Promar Collapsible Crawfish/Crab Trap 

We are here with yet another crab trap from Promar’s line of fishing accessories. This trap is ideal for recreational and commercial crabbing. You can also use this trap for effectively catching crawfish alongside crabbing. Like before, Promar has not disappointed us with its models of Blue crab traps, and it is widely used by professional and commercial crab and crawfish trappers.

Promar Collapsible CrawfishCrab Trap

This crab tram from Promar has a collapsible design, and it completely folds flat with a 1-inch thickness. It makes this trap popular among professionals and commercial trappers. This design allows it to be carried effortlessly and can be stacked on top of one another. It saves a lot of space, and commercial crabbing ships can take a boatload of these. 

Its unfolded size measures 24L x 18W x 8H inches. It folds from the middle and setting it up only takes a few seconds. The middle opening can be secured with metal locking snaps once ready for use. 


The frame of this crabbing trap is made from high-quality metal for durability and rigidity. The folding hinges are firm and made from metal. To reduce the weight of the trap, netting material is used instead of metal because hauling it full of crabs or crawfish would be nearly impossible if made out of metal. There are two 18-inch ramp entrenches for crabs or crawfish. The angler access is at the top, which ultimately opens right through the middle to place the bait bag, retrieve the catch and fold or unfold it. 

These models of Blue crab traps come equipped with a drawstring bait bag. Easy enough to use, you don’t have to spend much time preparing your bait. Simply put your bait in the bag, lock it and place it in the trap. You are all set to catch some delicious crawfish and crab for dinner.

Pros                                                                 Cons

  • Foldable design                                               Netting material could get damaged easily.
  • Lightweight
  • Bait bag included
  • Ideal for commercial crabbing
  • It can be used for crawfish trapping

Technical Details

5. Noa Store Upgraded Fishing Bait Foldable Net Trap

Shaped like an umbrella, this crab trap is one of the easiest to use and carry around. The Noa Store foldable Blue crab traps can be used to catch crabs, shrimp, lobster, small fish, and crawfish. It is ideal for crabbing in shallow waters or swamps. If you are looking for a quick catch, then this convenient crab trap is made for you.

Noa Store Upgraded Fishing Bait Foldable Net Trap

Not only shaped like an umbrella, but it opens up like one too. You have to pull the string on top and push down the plastic latch to lock it into its place. It opens the trap into its diagonal shape. To close the trap, pull the latch to release the lock. This crab trap comes with a carrying bag, and once you are done crabbing, fold it put it in the bag, and off you go.

The opened dimensions are measured as 35 X 35 inches with a broad base to hold a big catch. Its height measures 11.81 inches. There are six round entrance ramps for crabs, fish, etc., to get inside. You can place the bait in the middle of the trap bottom by inserting your hand through one of the holes.


The netting material is used all around the trap with sewed edges. Like an umbrella, it also uses 6 flexible metal bar brackets to hold the shape of the net. The metal bar ends are secured with rounded plastic tips. This construction makes it extremely lightweight.

To retrieve your catch, you have to put your hand inside through one of the holes. This way emptying your trap might take a bit of effort, but one must break a sweat to grab dinner.

Overall the Noa Store Blue crab traps are lightweight and easy to use. With a carrying bag included, it makes it even easier to carry around, and you can carry it in your bag pack as well.

Pros                                                                 Cons

  • Simple and easy use                                       Might be prone to wear and tear
  • Carrying bag included
  • Ideal for catching crustaceans and small fish

Technical Details


Which type of crabs can I catch with these Crab traps?

These Blue crab traps are suitable for catching Dungeness, Rock, Stone Crab, and blue crab.

What are the escape holes made for?

Escape holes in Blue crab traps are left for small and egg-laying female crabs to escape unharmed.

Can the Crab escape through mesh holes?

Small crabs might escape through mesh holes, but giant crabs allowed by law for hunting cannot pass through the mesh holes.

 How long does the trap need to be left in water?

 It depends on the crab population, but we recommend not to leave your trap for more than one day, or there is a risk of losing your trap.

What is TED meant for?

TED stands for turtle extruder device. This prevents turtles from entering Blue crab traps.

What is the rot cord used for?

A rot cord is used in Blue crab traps for letting crabs out when a trap is lost. A small piece of biodegradable string rots away, leaving enough room for crabs to escape.

Can I use these traps to catch other crustaceans?

Yes, these Blue crab traps can be used to catch crabs, lobsters, shrimp, crawfish, eel, and small fish.

When is the right Season to go crabbing?

The greatest time to go crabbing is during the summer. Crabs are more active in warmer weather because of this. However, when swimming in frigid water, crabs aren’t very mobile and tend to stay around where they hatched or in the same location.

In the rainy season, crabbing is fantastic for two reasons: first, the crabs become very active during the rain, and second, some fewer people venture out in the rain, so crabbing is more peaceful and secluded.

What is the most suitable depth for catching crabs?

Between approximately 25 feet of water to approximately 45 feet of water is best; anything deeper is not ideal.

Crabs are not as far behind as you might expect, as tidal waves occur when the depth is less than 25 ft

Other Fish Details

Yellowfin Tuna
– Skipjack Tuna
– Sailfish

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