Best Montana Fishing Camping Trips in Summer


The first place that comes to everyone’s mind when saying “Montana Fishing Camping Trips” is a beautiful estate in the Western United States with the capital is called Helena. Montana has some nicknames as ‘big Sky Country,’ ‘Land of the Shining Mountains,’ ‘The Last Best Place,’ and at last ‘The Treasure State.’ The place is very famous for Camping and fly fishing trips in summer.

 Fly Fishing trips in Montana are very different from other fishing trips because it has a whole new experience to offer during the trip. We are sure you won’t get bored there. All the streams in Montana are rich in fish throughout the year, but in the summertime, the rich meaning gets richer because world-famous Montana trout fish are spreading throughout the season.

 Not only for fishing but also if you are a real nature lover you won’t regret the time you spend there. Here is a beginner’s guide to Montana fishing, and if you follow this guide correctly, you will have a great fly fishing trip in Montana for sure.  

Best Season for the Montana Fishing Camping Trips

 July is the month that everyone comes to Montana for fishing camping trips. As the summer begins, people come to Montana to fish, so it’s the year’s busiest period.

 Early in July: rivers are full of fish, but this time can vary because of the melting snowpack by every year.

 Mid-July: after the hatches begin to wind down, rivers are full of trout, so there is a big competition for food. Since there is no food under the water due to the huge competition, trout are coming to the surface seeking food. So it’s easier to catch them at this time.

 End of July: This is a big moment because all the rivers and streams are full of trout, so all the locals and nonlocals have a great time fishing trout. In this period, fishing is taking a huge place in Montana. All the villagers in Montana celebrate this time in the year with fish meat with their companions.  

Best location in Montana for Summer Fly Fishing

 Madison River is the best place for fishing and has the most scenic views in Montana. These are some great places for fishing with beautiful scenery,

 Big Hole River

  • Smith River
  • Yellowstone River
  • Bighorn River
  • Bitterroot River
  • Rock Creek
  • Missouri River
  • Gallatin River
  • Madison River
  • Blackfoot River
  • Big Hole River
  • Sun River

 Some Companies have different routes, so if you have a specific route for fishing you like to go, you may select your company and the package in the first place. Some routes and places are very interesting; not only there are fish but also the places which are iconic to see. In addition, in some Rivers and Streams, there are a variety of fish, so if you have a thought that you need to go for a fishing trip in a stream, you should consider all of this before doing anything, or you will not enjoy your Montana fly fishing trip as you have thought before.  

Types of Montana Fishing trips. 

Montana Fly Fishing Float Trips

 These types of trips are gone on floats, and a full-day fishing trip can take up to 8 – 10 hours. If you do not like to walk in mud, this is the right option for you. In this package, casting and safety lessons at the boat launch will be provided for the safety of the passengers. 

Montana Fly Fishing Walk and Wade Trips 

These types of trips are gone by foot, in the mud and water. This kind of trip can take up to 10 – 12 hours. So if you are a huge fan of walking, this is the one you should select. But if you do not like to walk for long hours, you can reduce your time as you prefer after contacting the Guiding Company.

How to find a Guide for Montana Fishing Camping Trips

It does not really matter wherever we go if we have a guide. With a “good” guide, you can learn many things and get your things done easily with confidence. So booking a guide for the Montana fishing camping trips will not be a waste of money. 

 Information about guides can be found from the hotels and also on the internet. If you book your guide from the place that you are going to stay, we think you could get a great bargain for the money with the same quality. If you choose a well-experienced, patient, and knowledgeable person as the guide for your Montana summer fishing trip, it will improve the quality of the fishing trip. Also, you will definitely have an amazing time out there. Below are some places where you can find your guides.

 The mobile fisherman

  • The tackle shop
  • BC Sturgeon Fishing Trips
  • Montana Fly Fishing Guides

Some Guiding Companies provide you with all the gears and equipment you need for a fishing trip. Hence, there is no need to carry anything; even you will get the food within the package. You can talk with them and find a company which suits better for your needs.  

Montana Fishing Trips for Beginners 

Montana has a fly fishing school for absolute beginners. So if you know nothing about fishing or if you need to learn tips and tricks for fly fishing, this is the place you should definitely check out. This Fly Fishing School will guide you toward becoming a successful angler. You will get the best teachers and the best theoretical and practical lessons for fly fishing. If you want to know the schedules of the school, you can go to and look for a time that suits you better. 

Places to stay during your Montana Fishing Camping Trip.  

If you want to get a great experience from Montana Summer fishing camping trips, you must look for a beautiful and peaceful place to stay. When selecting a place to stay, you should consider some important factors; otherwise, you won’t get the best experience out there.  

Here are some crucial elements you should consider before selecting a place to stay in Montana. 

  • A closer place to the fishing Location
  • A safe place to stay so you can protect yourself from bear attacks!
  • A place to protect you from the Cold weather
  • Good hotel to eat some good food
  • Beautiful place to enjoy your time in Montana

It is totally up to you to decide the best place, but below are some of the popular places that you can rely on. 

  1. ● Bighorn River Lodge
  2. ● Madison Valley Ranch
  3. ● Galloup’s Slide Inn
  4. ● Gallatin River Lodge

You can also get a guide from these hotels, and you can get great deals for the guide and the place. Family fishing trips in Montana are a big thing because every summer and all the hotels get booked by the end of March, so if you are hoping to go there with your family, you better hurry up before others. 

Way to get the Fishing License 

When it comes to the actual fishing part, you should have a valid license. If you wonder how you should get the license for the Montana Fishing Camping Trips, you can get it online or at the local fly shop in Downtown Bozeman at 435 East Main St.  

If you get a license online, it won’t take much time when you are going to the place, but if you want to buy it at the local shop, it will take about ten more minutes; so it won’t really matter. You must have your license to fish in Montana, and also, if your Montana fishing camping trip has a guide, he will definitely stop you at the local shop. There are some guidelines when you purchase the license, and prices also will be slightly different. 

  • Nonresident Fees:

○ 2 Day – $42.50

○ 10 Day – $73.50

○ Season – $103.50 

  • Montana Resident Fees:

○ 2 Day – $15

○ Season – $31 

Price can be changed at the point you read the article. So if you want to know the exact and latest prices, you can ring them and ask for the actual price.  

Equipment for Montana Fishing Camping Trips 

If you are an absolute beginner, there are a few things you have to get ready for fishing. These things are different from one to another, and you should try to purchase these if you want a smooth sail on the trip. Here are some tools you should have in your arsenal. 

 Here is a beginner’s guide to Montana fishing equipment, 

  • Lines – Cord made for angling; and generally resemble a long, thin, and different in material
  • Reels – Cylindrical device attached to the rod
  • Rods – Long and flexible rod for catching fish
  • Leaders – A short and strong piece of fishing line that you attach between the fishing line and lure and the hook
  • Wading Staff – It’s a safety pole and also called as “third leg.”
  • Tippet – A gauge monofilament line which is attached to the end of the leader
  • Backpack – You should have a good backpack because you do not want to carry all the equipment by hand, and a waterproof bag pack would be ideal for this.
  • Fishing Shoes – Fishing shoes will help you to walk without slipping under extreme environments. 
  • Hooks – Fishhook is the tool to catch the fish in the mouth
  • Bait – you can use worms or some foods, and also there are some baits specifically made for fishing
  • Heavy Duty Gloves – You should definitely have a good pair of gloves because sometimes, if the fish is too heavy, you may have problems holding the rod with your bare hands.
  • Warm Jackets – Because of the cold weather in Montana, you should definitely bring a jacket.
  • Pair of Boots– Sometimes, you will have to go on the mud too.
  • Hat, Sunglasses and Sun cream – You will need these things to protect yourself from the Sun  
  • First Aid Box – It’s always better to be prepared for accidents with a first aid box.

Types of Fish you can see in Montana. 

When someone is coming to Montana for fishing, he or she usually knows Montana is one of the best places for fishing; that is why it is called “The Fishing Paradise.” There is a wide variety of fish in Montana, and the state fish is “Cutthroat Trout.” 

It is the most common, and basically, most people are coming to Montana summer fishing because of this fish sort. These are some varieties you can see in the lakes in Montana. 

  • Black crappie
  • Rainbow trout
  • Bull trout
  • Bluegill
  • Yellow perch
  • Burbot
  • Paddlefish
  • Brook trout
  • Brown trout

Especially most of the trout can be seen in Western Montana. Most of them look very identical but act very differently. So if you want to see all of them you will have to find their natural habitats by exploring most of the time. 

Dos and Don’ts in Montana Fishing Camping Trips 

Regardless of the place you visit, there are certain dos and don’ts. These are some of the essential details that you should keep in your mind when opting for a fishing trip in Montana.  

Things to do during the Fishing Trip 

  • If you are going into the forest alone, please be safe and aware of your surroundings not to get attacked by wild animals, especially bears.
  • When you go fishing by boat, always put on a safety jacket, and it’s better if you can pick someone with you.
  • If you are making a fireplace at night, you should safely execute that process so there will be no wildfires and no animal will be harmed.
  • Sometimes in the year, snowstorms get very bad, so prepare for that and get warm jackets.
  • Get a device that you can keep the contact with others. If you face an accident during fishing, it will help you seek immediate help.                        

Things you shouldn’t do during the Fishing Trip 

  • Do not go near the Wild Animals – Recently, the media has reported several bear attacks, and also some were killed by bears. So you must remember not to get close to them.
  • Fishing illegally – As we mentioned, you should have a license to fish in Montana legally. If you fish without getting a license, it will be a crime, and then there will be huge trouble.
  • Don’t go to dangerous places alone – Because a lot of accidents have been reported recently because of this reason.
  • Littering everywhere- It’s a no-brainer. Love Mother Nature, simple as that. 


“Montana Fishing Camping Trips” Tour You Can Have Unlimited Experience. The abundant lakes and rivers, national forests, and many smaller streams provide a wide variety of places to fish, with opportunities to catch a variety of fish species. Montana has mountain streams that flow through rugged canyons on their way down from glaciers and snowfields at the top of the Rocky Mountains. These streams have produced North America’s most famous trout fishing waters – world-famous Yellowstone National Park is only sixty miles from Montana’s western border. Silver Bow Creek near Helena is one of Montana’s famous trout fisheries.

Montana is also known as a year-round destination. There are numerous streams in the state where you can go fishing in the spring and fall. Montana offers some of the best fishing in the world, and it is one of the few places in North America where you can catch rainbow trout, brown trout, west slope cutthroat, and humpback cutthroat trout in the same trip! Accordingly, if you are planning a camping trip, Montana can be considered a major destination.

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