When you think of seafood, Lobster is probably one of the first things that come to mind. But what about its halal status? Is Lobster halal or not?

We will look at the Islamic perspective on Lobster and discuss whether or not eating Lobster is permissible according to Islamic law.

What do you mean by Halal and Haram?


Halal and Haram are a broad category in which items are divided according to Muslims in accordance with Islam. Halal refers to all things permitted for Muslims, and Haram is everything that is considered illegal or prohibited in the eyes of Islam. It is commonly believed that Halal and Haram are only applicable to food items. However, this is not the case, and both of them do not only apply to food restrictions but also all other aspects of life, including marriage, speech, behavior and conduct, and more. But it’s mainly food items that are considered when discussing Halal and Haram.

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Is Lobster Halal?

Muslims are often unsure if they can eat Lobster. Is it halal or haram? Let’s look at what the Quran and Hadith have to say about eating Lobster.

The Quran does not mention lobsters specifically, but it does prohibit the eating of certain animals that live both in water and on land. These animals are known as jallalah and include frogs, shrimp, and crabs.

The Hadith is a bit more specific when it comes to lobsters. The Prophet Muhammad said that all sea creatures are halal except for eels in one Hadith. However, some scholars say that this Hadith only applies to freshwater eels and not saltwater eels.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it halal or haram to eat Lobster? According to most scholars, it is permissible to eat Lobster since it is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran or Hadith as being prohibited.

According to the Hadith, only fish is halal to eat from all the animals found in water. As some Muslim teaching says, lobsters sometimes eat their own, making lobsters haram.


Sunni Hanafi school considers shellfish, shrimp, prawns, crayfish, and octopus haram.

But there are some Muslims who consider lobsters as fish. Lobsters, Prawns, and Crabs are shellfish. Some scholars of Islam believe all type of shellfish is halal. Some part of the Muslim community consumes Lobster because they think it’s halal.

So, Is Lobster Halal? It depends on who you ask. Some Muslims believe that it is permissible to eat Lobster since it is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran or Hadith as being prohibited. Others believe that all types of shellfish are halal, including Lobster.

Is Lobster halal for Shia?

Lobsters are a type of shellfish, and as such, they are not considered halal for Shia Muslims. This is because lobsters (and other shellfish) do not have scales, and according to the teachings of Shia Islam, fish without scales are haram to eat.

So, while Lobster may be a delicious seafood option for many people, it is not an option for Shia Muslims who wish to adhere to their religious beliefs.


Is Boiling Lobster Halal Or Haram?

There is some debate amongst Muslims whether boiling lobster is halal or haram. Some scholars argue that it is not permitted since boiling involves killing the Lobster.

Others argue that it is permissible since boiling does not involve cutting or bleeding the animal. Ultimately, it is up to each Muslim to decide what they believe.

What is the traditional method of cooking lobster for a Muslim?

There are a few different ways to cook Lobster as a Muslim. You can boil it, steam it, or fry it. Whichever way you choose, make sure to avoid overcooking the lobster meat.

If you are a Muslim who only eats halal foods, you need a lobster not killed by torture.

Overcooked Lobster is dry and rubbery. Lobster is best when cooked until just pink in the center.

To boil Lobster:

  1. Fill a large pot with enough water to cover the lobsters.
  2. Add salt and bring to a boil.
  3. Put the lobsters in headfirst and cook until they turn bright red for about 12 minutes.
  4. Remove from heat and let cool slightly before removing meat from claws and tails

Please place them in a steamer basket over boiling water to steam lobster. Cover and steam for 12-15 minutes until they turn bright red. Remove from heat and let cool slightly before removing meat from claws and tails.

Melt butter or oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat to fry the Lobster. Add the lobster tails and cook for about two minutes per side or golden brown. Remove from heat and let cool slightly before removing meat from claws and tails.

The health benefits of eating Lobster


The health benefits of Lobster are many and varied.

For one, Lobster is an excellent source of protein. It is also low in calories and fat, making it a healthy choice for those watching their weight.

Additionally, Lobster is a good source of omega-three fatty acids, beneficial for heart health.

Also, eating Lobster can help to improve joint health due to the presence of chondroitin sulfate.

So, not only is Lobster delicious, but it is also suitable for you! What’s not to love? If you are looking for a healthy seafood option, then be sure to add Lobster to your diet.



Is crab is halal in Islam?

Yes, crab is considered halal in Islam. The condition is that the crab must be alive when it is killed, and it must not be contaminated with any non-halal substances.

Is squid halal in Islam?

Yes, squid is considered halal in Islam. Though it’s not explicitly mentioned in the Quran, Muslims generally believe that anything not expressly prohibited is allowed (halal). This includes most seafood, as long as it is appropriately prepared and doesn’t contain pork.




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