As one of the most common FAQs, you might be worrying if is crab halal. This article will explain the facts completely along with the 05 FAQs on seafood consumption.

What does Halal mean?

 Halal is the Arabic word for permissible in Islamic terms. It means permissible in accordance with Islam’s rules. Food is most frequently referred to as halal, but it also includes any action that is permitted in Islam. Halal is the opposite of Haram, which is sometimes referred to as non-Halal. Under Islamic teachings, anything considered unlawful is Haram. Even though it is often used with reference to food, it can also be a reference to other unlawful acts in Islam, including stealing and corruption.


Is Crab Halal?

The simplest answer you may get is that Crab is Halal food. It means you can have it. Most of the Islamic devotees are allowed to eat Shrimps, Crabs, and lobsters as they are Halal.

The theory behind this is all these seafood being Shellfish. Since they have a shell as one of their body parts, Islamic people can consume the mentioned seafood without any restriction.  However, you should not forget that the scale-filled fish are considered as Haram for Muslims as well. It means you can’t eat them if you are a Muslim.

Why Is Crocodile Haram And Why Is Crab Halal?

You cannot eat crocodile meat as a sure thing. Since the crocodile is a reptile, you will not be allowed to eat its flesh in Islam. The answer is so simple. The crab is a crustacean that doesn’t have scales and the cradle is a reptile that has a poisonous thing in its body. Not only the crocodile meat, but frogs, snakes, and scallops are not allowed to eat.

Is Crab A Nutritional Food?

Yes. Crabs are delicious and nutritious food for anyone. Since they contain low fat and higher protein, you can find them like food with impressive characteristics.


Is Crab A Fish?

No. A crab is a crustacean which makes it an animal that doesn’t have Scales or any fish parts. Muslims are allowed to eat crab meat due to that.

Is The Crab Healthier Than Lobster?

No, you can’t say that. Since both Lobster and crab have got higher nutritional value, you cannot compare them. Crab contains high protein, low fat, and other essential elements such as vitamin A, E, and K. When it comes to lobsters, they have the same nutritional value. If you bother, if both fish are restricted by your religion, you will have to consider the embracing nutritional value of both kinds of seafood. 

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Haram or non-Halal in Islam?

There are no Halal foods or beverages other than those that are explicitly forbidden by the Quran, as listed below:

  • Blood
  • Pork
  • Narcotics and alcohol are intoxicating substances
  • Animals that have not been slaughtered
  • A domesticated donkey, mice, scorpion, snake, and frog
  • Before being slaughtered according to Islamic law, any animal must have died (except fish and sea creatures)
  • All winged creatures



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