Crabbing in Alaska is an experience you must get. In this article, we will explain How Long Crab Season in Alaska is and More Things You Must Know.

If you are a crab person, you must know that there can be differences in crabbing season in various places. Although the mid-Winter or November and December months commence the crabbing, there are some places where you can start crabbing a bit earlier.

How Long Is Crab Season In Alaska?


The crab season in Alaska is held for 04 months, and those months are October, November, December, and January. It is recommended to get there and do crabbing as early as possible. The best time to be in Alaska is in October, as the weather is fine and crabs have felt the fear for food. Since there can be a few months cold due to Winter, Crabs may come out and search for food.

The opening date for Crab season in Alaska is the 15th of October. Although there can be slight adjustments, the commencing date remains fixed all the time.

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In Which Month Is There The Least Crab Field In Alaska?

We inquired the fishermen as well as the crabbers to know the months that have the least Crab yield. According to them, it is Aught when they get the least crab yield. We heard that the Crab yield might drop below 20% of the normal Stats in that month.

When it comes to the crabbing season, you will find a lower crab yield in February. Since the water temperature increases and the crabs go into the deep ocean, the yield may drop.

What Crab Species Are Available In Alaskan Crab Season?

Alaskan king crab is the most influential reason to do craning in Alaskan. According to stats, 65% of the crabbers get to Alaskan Crabbing season to find caking Crabs. However, there are common attractions such as Dungeness crabs and Red crabs. They are also available in the Alaskan Crabbing season.

Other than those three crabs, there is the Red King crab, Blue King crab, Snow crab, Tanner crab, Opilio, Berardi Golden King Crab, Russian King crab, and Jonah Crab in Alaska. Although all of them are available in the season, you will not be babel to find at least half of them in the Off Season. 

What Is The Tastiest Alaskan Crab To Be Found?

Among the total Alaskan Crab species in Alaska, you will find the Red King Crab to be the tastiest Alaska Crab. The Red King Crab has not only a yummy taste but its firm texture is loved by people in Alaska. 

However, you don’t have to be a crabber to enjoy the taste of Red King Crab, as there are hundreds of restaurants from where you can enjoy the exceptional taste. 

Other than the mentioned Crab species, you will be able to catch Golden King Crab and the Blue Crabs in Alaska. 


What Are The Main King Crab Types I Can Find In Alaska In This Season?

If you are looking at how long the crab season is in Alaska, then you must be attentive to the number of crabs that are available in that particular season. There are 04 main 04 crabs species that you can catch in Alaska in the season. They are red king crab, blue king crab, Scarlet King Crab, and brown king crab. 

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Red King Crab In Alaska

The most valuable Crab is the red King Crab, and it is highly available in Alaskan Waters. The reddish-colored creatures will be a lovely sight for a crabber in Alsace. As we experienced, the red king crabs are mostly available in Bristol Bay and Norton Sound areas. 

When it comes to the best catching way, you are recommended to have boats instead of fishing on the shoreline. The boats will take you to the deep sea and bay areas, and you will find more Red King crabs there. 

Although we saw just 45 boats in 2022, this satisfying season, there will be about 100 boats searching only for red King crabs. You must carry plastic containers or cool boxes to bring them back to the land alive, as they have value when the red King crabs are alive. 

Blue King Crabs

There are two main things you must know about the Blue King Crab, containing sweet meat and has exceptionally long claws. We saw that St. Matthew Island and the Pribilof Islands have the highest crab yield in Alaska. After knowing how long crab season is in Alaska, we got here in early October and could get into Bleu Crabbing as early as possible. We found out that there is a small number of Blue crabs in Alaska compared to other king Crabs.

However, we managed to find a few blue king crabs weighing around 8 lbs. I found out from the local crabbers that there are blue crabs weighing over 14 lbs. The shell color is the main reason for what we observed as the setback. But, after cooking, we observed the flesh turning orange color, and that is something stimulating for sure. 

Golden King Crabs

Among the Crab species available in Alaska, Golden King had the best color as well as the body size. Since the claws containing comes meat percentage, you won’t have to be frustrated about catching them.

Note: We were told by some crabbers that Golden King Crabs don’t have enough flesh. Although it is partially true, there is an overall meat percentage as their claws have meat. Since the US has been growing an appetite for Golden Crabs recently, you won’t have to worry about catching them.

After searching for the best place for them, we found Aleutian chain islands were the best place where to be found them. 

Scarlet King Crab

Although there are not enough Scarlet crabs in Alaska, you will find some Scarlet Crabs in the area. I heard from crabbers that Scarlet crabs have a higher price in the market due to increased medicinal benefits. Unlike Blue King Crabs, the Scarlet crabs are not exposed to poisoning, and that is loved by the locals. 

You will not find these in the shallow areas but mainly in the deep Bering Sea. However, we could not find a specific size for these crabs as they may range from 5kg to 10kg. You will find them with the scarlet red color carapace. 

Note: I heard that crabbers have a belief that Scarlet Crabs are the most dangerous among the king crabs. But they are not as dangerous as other crabs. Although they look scary, claw control is weak for them. 

What Can I Expect In This Crab Season?

According to research, there has been a reduction in the Crab population in Alaska. The researchers have counted about 2 Billion crabs getting into the deep sea due to the sudden temperature rise in the seawater. Although there are about 10 Million crabs, that will reduce this year. 

However, we assure you that you won’t have to bother about that as there is no competition for crabbing in Alaska. Since the Crab season starts a bit earlier and the temperature is really challenging, you will not find many crabbers in Alaska. 

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What are the laws for Crabbing in Alaska?

There are certain laws applied to the crabbers in Alaska. We found the following laws might be useful for you. 

You will not need any permission to go on crabbing in Alaska. But, you will have to stay on the list, and it is raised by the local authorities. It means you may be checked and taken into regular checking by the authorities. 

You are not permitted to capture male Dungeness crabs that are shorter than six and one-half inches in shoulder width. Also, you must not capture female crabs. Even if you capture them, you must release them immediately into water. 

Only 05 pots can be carried by a person, and there can be a maximum of 10 pots per vehicle. Even if you take 10 

I found the below article that explains more information about the Dungeness crab regulation. You must read it before getting into Alaska for crabbing.,limit%20is%205%20male%20crab.

How long do I have to be in the ocean if I go crabbing as a fisherman?

Well, that is something you can’t afford. I found out from the local fishermen that they are in the open for 3 to 4 weeks. That is something you never afford as a traveler. However, it is a worthy occupation for anyone. We figured that a Crab boat captain in Alaska makes about $250000 per year.


We have explained some of the FAQs for the crabbers who visit Alaska. If you still have things to know, just let us know. We will help you with what we discovered.


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