I saw that fishing men had no awareness of commercial fishing boat insurance. In this article, I am explaining that.

Although the legal requirement is not prevailing in the states of the USA, it is essential to have an insurance policy for a boat. That will not only provide protection against the physical damages, but the protection for the fishing yield you have collected. In my experience, I could go through several accidents I had to face with my fishing boat.

I realized that fishermen had the feeling that there might not be any policy for their businesses due to angling, carrying divers on the vessel, not following the government policies strictly, and many things. It is not. In this article, you will learn more about Fishing insurance policies.

Must I Purchase A Fishing Boat Insurance Policy?

Insurance Policy

I went through various insurance policies to get an idea about the possibilities of avoiding the fishing or boat insurance policy. The only lead I got was the “Home Owners” insurance policy which allows the owner to name his / her properties.

An insurance policyholder gets coverage for his / her boat through the policy. But, I found the coverage was less than $50,000 on most of the occasions. As I discovered, the average coverage of a typical homeowner’s coverage is about $1000, which is not enough.

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How Does Fishing Boat Insurance Work?

Similar to your vehicle insurance or the home issuance, you must set a value for the fishing boat. After that value is specified, after considering the usage of the fishing boat, the insurance company will let you know the value you should pay. Also, you must remember that there are other additions that you can make, such as,

Fishing Equipment Coverage

If you own a bass fishing boat, you may need several pieces of equipment such as a Rod, Reel, & Fishing Line, nets, Spinnerbait, crankbaits, and many others. I could discover from the fishermen that they would have to replace 5% of their equipment to bear such expenses weekly. It means every piece of fishing equipment would need a replacement, and the main reason is the damage.

Also, there is a high possibility of losing or missing your equipment in the sea due to low light and the bigger waves. Therefore, you must have insurance for the fishing equipment as well.

Ice And Freezing Damage

Although freezing and ice are expected in specific regions, you may not say when and where. I searched on the internet and found that Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Minnesota are the areas where a person has to face greater damage due to ice. On some occasions, the fishing boats had got mechanical damage.


If there is a single thing that can ruin your entire fishing career, it could be a hurricane. But, yet, the fishing boat owners avoid taking the coverage. In 2022, 122 fishing boats got into hurricanes. According to stats, only 15% of those bots had insurance coverage for Hurricanes. As I found out, Hurricanes are not considered typical accidents. It means only 15% of fishing boats had got the funds after the accident.

Roadside Assistance

This means assistance you must get on the water. You may need a fixing, replacement, and any other repair on the water. I found several fishing boat insurance policyholders who could get assistance on the water. The insurance company had gotten her specialized assistance to the victim. Also, the towing was a privilege received with the same coverage. The insurance company would state the conditions, such as the maximum time they take, the coverage, and the region the coverage would apply to assist the victim.

Fish Yield

The harvest you collected from the ocean is worth more than the worth of the boat. You must not forget that specific fact at all. That is why I recommend you go for an Insurance policy. You must accept the terms and pay a higher price for the loss of harvest in the ocean. In return, you will get coverage.

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What Is The Fishing Boat Liability Insurance?

Although you are aware of several insurance policies after the purchase, the liability Insurance policy is the must-have policy. No matter if you don’t have risks, don’t travel in water, or take any chance with an accident, you must make sure that you have this one.


It enables the insurance holder to get coverage against third-party accidents. For example, if someone crashes into your boat on the bank and you two interact with a third [party causality, this will be useful.

Note: I contacted the authorities of all the USA states and found out that only Arkansas, Hawaii, and Utah want you to have boat insurance. But, there is some specific factor you need to know about them.


You must have a fishing boat insurance of $50,000 for a boat that has over 50 HP. Since you must have a boat over 50HP to go on fishing, you must have a third party or liability insurance. I inquired the authorities about the possibility of not having insurance at all; they mentioned that the owner must have at least temporary insurance.


As you know, Hawaii is a great place for temporary and full-time fishing. What they require is an Insurance policy for the boats that are stopped at facilities belonging to the Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR). The insurance must cover third-party casualties up to a minimum of $500,000. Also, the insurance policy must bear the coverages for the damages caused t the docks, water pollution, and boat wreckages.

Note: I found out that several fishing boats had been fined as they had not stated the State of Hawaii, DOBOR, as a special declaration. Therefore, I recommend you mention that in the insurance.

I found the blow website owned by the Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR). You may contact them for more information.



Among the Insurance policies that are required to cover liabilities, Utah ha site strict policies. The Insurance policy for the fishing boats must cover the body, death, injuries, properties, environment, and the damage caused to third parties in accidents. I found out that the minimum coverage should be $25,000. Also, you must carry proof to state your possession of an insurance policy.

Are There Quotes For The Fishing Boats?

Yes. Just like any other insurance policy, you can easily get a quote for your fishing boat. As I experienced, it will be just a matter of a few hours. However, the insurance company may take 24 hours maximum.

You must state your need for the insurance policy through a letter or a phone call. You must provide the nature of the fishing business, the age of your business, risks you may take, the number of kilometers you travel by sea, and similar information for this. The company will get an understanding of your need a then they will include the essential areas you may need to cover through the insurance.

Can I get a quote for my 20 years old fishing boat?

Of course, yes. You can get quotes for a boat that is older than 30 years as well. I saw that some fishing insurance companies give quotes of 40 years. But, you won’t have to pay a higher price as the fee and get the coverage for a small value of the boat.

What are the best Insurance companies that I can use for insuring my Fishing boat in the USA?

I am posting 05 fishing Insurance policies serving copies in 2022. You may visit them and choose the best price through a quoting process.

What Is The Cost Of Commercial Fishing Boat Insurance?

There are fishing boat insurance policies from $50 to $10,000. I found a bass fishing owner who had to pay $12500 for his boat after adding various policies. It is not possible to say a specific price for the insurance policy as the conditions and various matters must be taken into attention.

The average fishing boat insurance is about $100 per year. I found that it can be as less as $50 than typical insurance. But I recommend you get a full insurance policy for your boat.

How To Calculate The Insurance Fee For A Fishing Boat?

There are several mater that the insurance company pays attention to when counting the insurance fee. But, you may take an average price by multiplying the boat value by 1.5%. For example, you have to pay $600 for a fishing boat that has worth $40,000.


I have shared everything you must know about commercial fishing boat insurance. If you still have an issue stat did not fix, please contact us.

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