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What is the most valuable weapon of a good angler? It is patience, my friend. That said, we live in the 21st century, and we want everything to happen instantly without wasting valuable time. In that sense, can’t you be a good angler without patience on your side? It’s possible when you have tools such as handheld fish finders. This gadget makes fishing an enjoyable and efficient one, and you won’t have to return home empty hands.

Although handheld fish finders are pretty helpful for anglers, we don’t think buying the perfect tool is as straightforward as it sounds. If you don’t possess prior experience with these gadgets, it would be best if you read a portable fish finder review article just like this. Because, in this piece, we are explaining all the essential elements, you have to look for the best handheld fish finder device alone with five product suggestions.

Best Handheld Fish Finder Between $40 TO $150

What is a handheld fish finder?

Let’s define it in the first place. Equipped with sonar technology fish finders help detect the fish and other objects in the water. The traditional fish finder devices had to install in a particular place to find fish, but with modern technology, this aspect is thrown out of the window, and now you can use these devices from the ashore as well.

In addition, as the name suggests by itself, the handheld fish finders are portable, and even you can carry them in the pockets of your fishing vest .

How handheld fish finders work?

Most fish finder tools use sonar technology and nothing different in handheld fish finders as well. These devices spread sound waves inside the water, and when the sound waves hit an object, the device will let the user know about it. The signals received from the waves will exactly tell about the object that has encountered in the water.

Factors to consider for the Best handheld fish finder

As we mentioned, the selection process can be a bit intimidating for the rookies in particular since the outlook of portable fish finders is more or less identical. So read the below section of the article vigilantly to own the best possible product.


Even though there are more important parts inside a handheld fish finder, the most crucial thing for the user is the display. This where you monitor all the important data; some gadgets have built-in displays, and others let you examine the information via your mobile phone.

The big-sized screen will help you read data easily in order to react to the situation quickly. If you can, go for a device with a color display because it is pretty helpful to read the data when they are displayed in separate colors. But, finding a portable handheld fish finder under $100 won’t be that much easy with the color display feature; if you are on a budget we have few products in this article that are tailor-made for you.

However, if you find a device that has the capability of syncing with smartphones, in that case, you obviously get the opportunity to work with much comprehensive screen. In addition, you can work with an even bigger screen when connected to the portable fish finder to a tablet.

Sonar technology

Fishing Sonar

This is the main factor that decides the efficiency of the device, and this is where most people go wrong with their purchase. When it comes to sonar technology, you should pay attention to two main aspects; they are frequency and beam angles. Different devices use different frequencies. So, if you can grab a handheld fish finder with multiple frequency capacity, the more details, you will receive when it is in operation.

However, the low-budget products usually come with single or dual frequencies, and if you want more functions and accuracy from portable fish finders, you must be ready to invest some money.

Moreover, the level of frequency depends on the depth of the water you are going to explore. This means if you intend to use the fish finder in deep water, you should eye low frequency and vice versa.

Depth of the scanning

This says how deep the device can scan. The range of scans varies from one fish finder to another. Some of the top-rated units have the competence to scan up to 5000 feet. However, an ordinary portable fish finder works 500 feet region.

Power source

The priority of a fish finder has to be given to mobility; so, it will be ideal if you prefer a handheld fish finder with rechargeable batteries. Also, these batteries have the ability to last about 5 hours with one recharge.


There are some devices with AAA batteries, and they too become in handy for long fishing duties because all you have to do is carry spare batteries, and there is no recharging hassle associated.

Water resistance

Water and electronic devices usually don’t go hand in hand. But, the fishing gear you choose must-have qualities in them to bear a splash as you always interact with the water. You don’t buy handheld fish finders every day of the week, so it’s your duty to check all the aspects as much as possible.

Handling ease

It should be easy to use, and if the device demands any mounting process, it should be comprehensive and simple. Overall, if you have to pay more attention to the functionalities of the device, it would take your mind away from the fishing process, and you will lose efficiency.


One thing you have to remember is that a high-quality handheld fish finder doesn’t come cheap. So, a cushion of a warranty would always be advantageous, and it brings a sort of confidence over the purchase. That said, manufacturers know that you are going to use these devices in harsh conditions; hence, they do not provide massive warranty periods. But, as they say, something is better than nothing.


There are cheap products as well as expensive ones. But, we urge you never to underestimate the value of a cheap product or overestimate the pricey fish finders. First, understand your requirement precisely and then look for the features and finally compare the price.

Best 5 Handheld fish finders on Amazon

Ok, we are going to ease your selection with five of the best products. Here, you will find a couple of handheld fish finders under $100 as well. So, from here onwards, it’s up to you to decide which one matches you the most.

1. LUCKY Portable Fish Finder

As promised, here is a high-quality handheld fish finder under $100, and it comes from a well-renown brand as well. Lucky, the manufacturer of this device is no rookie in the industry, and they have produced some amazing fish finder gadgets over the years to win the trust of anglers around the world. This one features an easy-to-read color display, and it tells you about underwater contour, water depth, water temperature, and even size of the fish.

Also, it provides you 26feet wired operation distance as well as 326 feet detection of depth. You can recharge the device with the help of the USB cable, and it works for about five continuous hours under the water with one recharge. Further, it’s easy to adjust the brightness of the display so that you can work even in darker environments without much of an issue.

The Lucky portable fish finder works perfectly for ice fishing, saltwater fishing, river fishing, kayak fishing, and many more. And, on top of all, it’s an Amazon’s choice product; so, you know, it’s popular among anglers just like you.

A handheld fish finder under $100
Color display
328Feet depth detection
Suits for all kinds of fishing

The detection depth might not be enough for most


2. Venterior Portable Handheld Fish Finder

Approximate fish location, water depth, size of the fish, weeds, sand, and rocks are a few of the readings you can see on the display of Venterior handheld fish finder. It’s easy to use; all you have to do is toss the transducer into water and turn on the display of the unit. Then, it will begin to show all the data on display, allowing you to take the necessary actions.

This handheld fish finder is powered by AAA batteries, and one set of batteries last up to five hours of continuous work. Moreover, there is a strap attached to the device, and you can wear it around your neck when you are busy with other tasks. The fish finder is not water-resistant, but it has a water-resistant bag to help you cover from unexpected splashes.

Talking about the depth of the detection, it goes under 328 feet, and there is a sonar frequency of 200 kHz. Finally, it must be mentioned that the price of the Interior portable fish finder is less than 50 bucks and what’s more, it got you covered from a 2-year warranty as well.

Easy to use
Highly affordable fish finder
Water-resistant bag
Powered by AAA batteries
2-year warranty period

Not durable


3. HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder

This product reads up to 240 feet, and it is popular for its precise fish finder readings thanks to the FishTrax intelligent sonar system. The most likable aspect of the HawkEye fish finder is the big screen, and it is a colored one and comes with a LED backlight too. The sonar sensor is trollable, boat mountable, and floatable.

Further, the indicators of the device provide HD bottom landscape images, and the sophisticated software programming reduces the chances of false readings. This product is best suited for intermediate anglers rather than newbies who are looking for advanced features to identify the exact position of the fish.

The total unit weighs only 9.4 ounces, and it is super portable. The price tag of HawkEye Fishtrax 1C fish finder is comparatively high. But, the contemporary features of it make the purchase a worthy one.

VirtuView ICON display
Fish depth scale
Bottom composition indicators
Audible fish alarm
The Fistrax intelligent sonar technology

Not ideal for new anglers


4. Garmin Striker Plus 4

The Garmin Striker plus 4 includes a dual-beam transducer and provides you with crystal clear images and impeccable target separation. The built-in GPS finder is highly sensitive and able to maintain your position wherever you go around your boat on the water. In addition, the GPS permits you to mark waypoints for different locations, which means if you find out fish in a particular spot, you can precisely aim that location in your next trip.

The environment that you are fishing in is irrelevant to this monstrous device, and the broad and clear display readings are easy to understand even for a 7-year old kid. Now, if you have any kind of idea about the customer reviews, you would know that it’s not easy to get over 75% of five-star ratings on Amazon.

But, this one is one of a kind product, and most previous users have had a cool fishing experience with the Garmin Striker handheld fish finder. So, it’s now your chance.

Includes dual-beam transducer
Bright 4.3” display
Ideal for every fishing environment
Built-in GPS to mark waypoints
Garmin CHIRP technology

A bit expensive (but worth it)


5. LUCKY Kayak Portable Fish Depth Finder

Like the first product we brought to you from Lucky, this one is also a super-affordable yet powerful fish finder. If you are a beginner who is looking for a good handheld fish finder, we recommend this product to try at least once; it will never disappoint you.

The screen of the gadget is not as big as most of the units explained thus far, but it is neat, clean, and easy to understand the readings. However, it lets you know about some valuable information such as the structure of the bottom, fish type, and the depth of the fish. As far as we are concerned, that is more than enough for a beginner.

In addition, it reads details up to 328 feet under the water and uses a single 200 kHz frequency. This handheld fish finder requires 4 AAA batteries to function, and you won’t face any troubles in working up to five hours continuously.

328 feet scanning depth
Fish alarm
One year warranty
Powered by AAA batteries
Highly affordable

The screen is somewhat small


Are all portable fish finders waterproof?

All fish finders built differently. Some are indoor, and others are waterproof. The waterproof units you can quickly submerge in water, and a water-resistant system can only withstand an odd spray that must dry instantly.

All you have to do is check the water-resistant levels mentioned on the purchase. The higher the IPX value, the higher the water-resistant levels

Who will benefit the from a Handheld fish finder?

If we have this, you can easily find fish.

  • Kayakers and canoeists also use them because compact units can quickly mount and remove from their bottoms.
  • It’s also a popular choice for those who rent fishing boats. A permanently installed fish finder will be out of the question in this situation, so a portable device is ideal.
  • Portable fish may also help ice anglers. They will help you analyze several possible holes before drilling one. Over a day, you could explore over a dozen holes to find the perfect spot.
  • These fish finders are also ideal for those that fish from the Shallow sea or a pier.

Can Handheld fish finders be used for ice fishing?

Many anglers can use ice fishing. It would help if you were careful as not all electronic devices operate at freezing temperatures.
In general, the recommended temperature range for safe operation is found within the requirements. Freezing temperatures destroy some things. Therefore, the manual states whether your device is suitable for it.

Which is a technology using Handheld Fish Finder?

All fish finders use sonar technology. The transmitter emits sound waves. The software calculates the distance of the object according to the time that the transmitter reaches back. It does this by calculating by software how long it takes to jump back from the wave barrier.

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