When it comes to fishing, the right shoes should definitely not be missing in your gear. When fishing, your feet need protection from the cold and dirt. Furthermore, you need enough grip to have a secure footing even on uneven terrain. Nowadays, there is a multitude of different shoe models. But most everyday shoes can hardly withstand the stress of fishing.

They give way, the foot kinks, or they break. The right shoe has to be made of a dimensionally stable outer material, have a sure-footed sole and a deep profile to prevent slipping on slippery surfaces. If you are finding it difficult to choose the right pair for your next fishing trip, don’t worry, as we have a list of the top 5 fishing shoes for you.

If you want to buy shoes for fishing, you are sure to ask yourself before buying whether conventional outdoor shoes are not enough. Of course, you can also wear normal outdoor shoes for fishing. However, special fishing shoes offer some advantages. Shoes made especially for fishing have waterproofing, so even after getting soaked in water, your feet will stay dry.

In winter, the fishing shoe should be well-lined so that it can withstand cold temperatures. There are often practical models, the lower part of which resembles a rubber boot, with a removable inner shoe for the really cold days. A non-slip profile sole is always recommended so that you don’t lose the ground under your feet, even on slippery surfaces. A high shaft securely stabilizes your foot on uneven surfaces.

If you want to know more about fishing shoes, stay with us here as we have our top 5 list below.

1. Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

With the Zhuanglin water shoes, you can spend your holidays on the beach, go fishing, or any other activity you like to enjoy. These pair of fishing shoes are popular because of their quick-drying technology. They provide optimum comfort to your foot and keep the moisture away. These and a lot of other features make them the best fishing shoe under 50$.

These shoes are made from high-quality fabric, which makes them extremely lightweight. When you are out fishing, you don’t want to carry a pair of shoes that are heavy and difficult to wear. With a slip-on/off design wearing them takes seconds. 

You just have to put your foot in and grab the pull tab upwards. This quick on/off feature on this pair of shoes comes in handy when you have to quickly run to your rod when a big fish is on the line. The quick tie lace system also saves time and effort and no more worries of your laces coming undone as we all know how annoying they are.

Being made from fabric, these fishing shoes under 50 $ have a breathable mesh upper. This makes them more comfortable and healthy for your foot. After spending a day on a fishing trip wearing your shoes, the last thing you want to get is a foot infection. The breathable mesh comes into rescue and keeps your foot dry by keeping any unwanted moisture from building up that could result in a buildup of fungal disease. This mesh upper also keeps the unwanted gravel from getting into your shoes.

The Comfordry sock liner on these fishing shoes provides cushioning for your foot to keep it comfortable and healthy. This cushioning provides breathability and allows air to move around your foot to keep it cool and dry all day.

The midsole of these fishing shoes for under 50$ has Solyte material. Solyte is a midsole material that is super lightweight and is made from low-density polyethylene and other elastic materials. This composition makes them softer and durable. With a flexible and lightweight midsole, these shoes will give a feeling of walking on air.

Finally, we arrive at the sole of this shoe. Its sole is flexible and provides proper traction in wet conditions. These anti-slip soles are also breathable and have a mesh design, just like the upper. This shoe has another feature: the quick-dry system. The water that enters your shoe effectively leaves out through the overall mesh design. This provides you with dry feet all the time.

Pros                                                     Cons

Quick-dry technology                          Sand might get inside

Breathable mesh design

ComferDry sock liner

Solyte soft midsole



2. SOBASO Water Shoes

Second, on our list is the SOBASO water shoes that are suitable for fishing. The best thing about these shoes is their lightweight and versatility. Be that on the beach on water or any other place, the SOBASO water shoes are your perfect companion. You can match any outfit with these stylish shoes to go out with your friends on adventures.

The SOBASO fishing shoes have a knit mesh upper style. This allows superb breathability and crosses ventilation. After a long day of use, your feet will remain dry. The mesh upper is also flexible and makes you more comfortable due to its lightweight flexibility. Another advantage of a mesh design on these shoes is that it allows a quick-dry system. The water that enters drains quickly, leaving for foot dry in no time. Its mesh construction keeps sand out effectively our feet.

The quick and easy put on and take off is a time and effort saver. You just have to slip your foot and are ready to go. The elastic knot-free laces make it even easier to wear, and you don’t have to worry about loose laces or tripping over one.

You will find soft, flexible, and breathable insoles for your feet. The honeycomb EVA insoles will give you a barefooted feeling. EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate is a rubber-like polymer that is very soft to touch. The honeycomb structure of the insole is breathable and helps drain water and keep your foot dry. This helps a lot as wet feet can be home to bacterial or fungal infections.

When you are out fishing, you want your shoes to provide grip over uneven and slippery surfaces. These fishing shoes under 50 $ provide all the traction you need as its sole is flexible yet rugged enough to stay on any surface. Its non-hole solid design keeps pebble and sharp edges away from your foot.

Pros                                                     Cons

Breathable design                               Might feel uncomfortable near ankles

Flexible insole

Non-hole solid sole


3. Water Shoes for Men Barefoot Quick-Dry

Having a multi-purpose pair of shoes in your fishing gear is an added bonus because who knows what’s coming next? For that purpose, have multi-purpose WateLves water shoe for you that is best suited for fishing, kayaking, hiking, surfing, and everyday walking. Being multifunctioning and ultra-thin, these are some of the best fishing shoes under 50$.

This pair of fishing shoes are ultra-light and extremely flexible, even so, that you can fold them. With a sporty design, the upper is made of high-quality breathable fabric material. It has a non-mesh upper that keeps sand from entering your feet.

 With a pull-on design, it has a pull tab at the outer contour and makes for an easy on/off. You can also adjust the elastic shoelaces according to your needs and are spared from the annoying lace tying. For adjusting your laces, you have to pull the locking mechanism and laces.

On the inside, the insole of this fishing shoe is perfectly matched with the shoe’s shape. This prevents the insole from moving out of its place, whether you are walking, running, or hiking. The insoles are also breathable and have drainage for water to quickly leave, keeping your foot dry. 

The arch support on the inside is also a valuable part of this shoe which perfectly supports your feet and provides lots of comforts. It consists of thick foam, yet it’s flexible, preventing your foot from getting hurt on sharp rocks.

Shaped like your toes, the outsole has a shoe tip in a toe appearance. There is no separate slot, but your toes get thicker caps which cushions them that helps in hiking and climbing where normally your bigger toe takes a beating.

The outsole has anti-slip properties, and due to its rubber material, you get an exceptional grip on wet surfaces. Its unique patterns on the outsole provide traction on any surface in any conditions. With the shoe’s quick-dry mechanism, there are eleven holes in the sole with strategic placement. When water enters your shoe, it immediately drains out through these holes, instantly drying your shoe and foot. Besides that, the sole is flexible enough to be folded so you can squeeze them in if your bag pack is brimmed. 

Pros                                                                             Cons

Super flexible design                                                  None          

Multi-functional shoes

Quick-dry mechanism

Foot friendly insole

Anti-slip outsole

4. Water Shoes Mens Womens Beach Swim Shoes Quick-Dry

We are here with yet another WateLves amphibious pair of shoes. Their Beach swim fishing shoes are for men and women to enjoy their summers. These fishing shoes under 50$ are lightweight alternatives to bulky water shoes and your choice for the next fishing trip with lots of functions. These shoes protect your feet in many ways and provide a better walking experience no matter what type of terrain.

These multi-purpose shoes are made from stretchy Lycra material. Lycra is a stretchable and lightweight fabric; it is also resistant to heat. The upper is also breathable and prevents sweat buildup keeping your foot dry. The smoother neck of these shoes doesn’t hurt your ankle area because of friction, so no chaffing here. After a long day of wearing those, your feet wouldn’t hurt because of their comfort and the level of breathability it provides.

Wearing these fishing shoes is extremely easy due to their slip-on design. The comfortable and elastic shoe opening also helps easy on/off, saving you time and effort. To wear these shoes, just pull the tab and put your foot in. These shoes are ideal for instant wear-and-go scenarios.

The elastic buckle and band adjustment are also very convenient in waring and adjusting the shoe tightness. With the help of drawstring elastic laces, it takes seconds to put on your fishing shoes.

Your foot needs firm support to balance you on any surface and prevent you from getting hurt. These shoes provide comfort and safety together with a thick foam arch support. It is flexible and thick to provide your foot a comfortable feeling and safe walking on any surface type.

The quick-dry system on these shoes comprises of breathable upper and holes in the sole to effectively drain out any water. This makes for a healthier shoe, and it dries quickly, keeping your feet cool and moisture-free. Also, when the water enters your shoe, there are no funny sloshing sounds when you start walking.

The anti-slip rubber sole is molded and has an excellent grip texture. This grip texture provides all the traction you need when on slippery or uneven surfaces. The sole has Bradyseism shock-absorbing cushioning that provides better walking and running experience. It also prevents pebbles and sharp rocks from getting in or hurting your foot. There is a separate protective toe guard that keeps your toe from impacts. These fishing shoes under 50$ have all the comfort that you need on your fishing trip. 

Pros                                                                             Cons

Quick-dry system                                                        None

Shock-absorbing outsole

Soft stretchable fabric construction

Sporty and flexible design 


5. KEEN Women’s Newport H2 Sandal

Last but not least on our list is KEEN women’s Newport H2 Sandal for you. KEEN is an American shoe brand that produces the best quality footwear. It has a keen interest in giving back to society by organizing various charities and public welfare projects. Their Newport H2 sandals are meant to be worn everywhere. With their fabulous construction, these are perfect water shoes for women.

The upper on these women’s fishing sandals is water-resistant. It is made from polyester webbing has a quick-dry lining that repels water and keeps your foot dry. Now PFC-free, the water repellant properties of these sandals keeps the water out, prolong the life of materials used, and keep your foot in a healthy state. 

The polyester upper is also washable and features a probiotic that breaks down foot odor and reduces the smell caused by sweating. Being an open-designed sandal, expect to get sand trapped inside if you are on a beach.

The lace-lock bungee helps adjust the sandal pretty quickly according to your needs. Its pull tab and elastic laces make putting on/off very quick convenient. The neck of your sandal is lined with soft edges and takes part in easy wearing, plus it doesn’t hurt your ankles.

The insoles of these sandals are removable and are made of polyurethane with a thick density to provide better foot support. You will find the insole to meet your foot perfectly because it is built on a women-specific foot form. No matter how long you wear these sandals, you will keep your balance comfortably.

The sole non-slip helps you walk over any kind of surface, and especially when you are reeling your fish in, you need all that grip. Its multi-directional lugs provide grip over a wet and uneven surface and protect your foot from sharp edges.

 If you are wearing sandals, you need toe protection because most of the sandals don’t have that kind of protection. The large toe bumper on these sandals provides much-needed protection from getting hurt.

Pros                                                                                         Cons

Water-resistant washable                                                      upper Sand might get trapped in

Anti-odor technology

Removable PU insole

Toe bumper for protection


Before you decide which pair of fishing shoes to buy, there are a few things to keep in mind. We feel it is necessary to give out a little more information to watch out for a new pair of fishing shoes under 50$. You should look for the type of shoe, materials, comfort, and many other things we are about to discuss.

Type of Fishing Shoes

Generally, there are no hard and fast rules for fishing boots because any good quality shoes are good to wear. But as we know, when you are on a fishing trip, you have to be on your feet for a long time, and most of the time, your shoes will completely get soaked. Often times you will have to encounter a bit of hiking and tracking to get to your favorite fishing spot. So, in that case, you need to have a good pair of fishing shoes.

You can go with a good pair of hunting or hiking boots if they are an option. These boots are rugged and have breathable linings with anti-sweat properties. Because these boots are meant to be worn all day, they can make for a nice pair of fishing shoes. Most of them are water repellants which solve the getting soaked part. If you are planning to go fishing in the winter, you can definitely consider this choice.  

Water shoes are increasingly becoming popular among people these days. These shoes are perfect for warm weather environments. Being multi-purpose, these shoes can be used for various water sports such as kayaking, rafting, hiking, fishing, and many more.

 These shoes offer breathability due to their lightweight upper, and often time’s soles have holes for water drainage. This type of water drainage is called a quick-dry system and keeps your feet dry as possible. You also get the best grip from its rubber soles on any kind of surface. If you are planning on fishing and other activities on your trip, then these are a much better option.

Another option for fishing footwear is sandals. If the weather is not harsh enough, sandals can be worn for fishing because sandals offer you the same properties as fishing shoes. The only difference between sandals and fishing shoes is that sandals are lightweight and open for more breathability. In contrast, shoes are shoes, and they are meant to be close. So if you are looking for a lightweight alternate for summer fishing, you can go for sandals.

The material used in Fishing Shoes

Before you buy your fishing shoes, you should check the materials first. You need to make sure that your next fishing shoes are made from such a material that is lightweight, durable, breathable, and water repellant. Most of the materials used in fishing shoes these days are nylon, polyester, and lycra. All of these materials stand well against used in water for a long time.

The breathability of the fishing shoe

Checking for breathability offered by the fishing shoe is also really important. Because you will be spending a lot of time wearing your shoes that could build up sweat and mold. To avoid this, go for those shoes that offer breathable construction. Often it comes in the shape of woven fabrics or mesh uppers. These types of uppers provide better air circulation around your foot and keep it dry and healthy.


No matter what type of shoe you wear, it’s up to you but trusts us, you don’t want to wear an uncomfortable shoe when out fishing the whole day. You need to check the arch support for a comfortable shoe because if your foot is arched and you buy a flat shoe, you will be out of balance and end up with hurting feet. 

The next thing to watch out for is the cushioning insulation. You need cushioning on the inside, the insole, and the midsole. This will provide added comfort for walking running, or whatever activity you are up to. There are different types of cushioning materials out there, mostly polyurethane-based. Some brands offer their signature patented cushioning that can also be considered.

Grip and Non-Slip

You need plenty of grips when you are on a fishing trip and working your way through wet or loose surfaces. You should look for shoes with thicker soles, and rubber provides some of the best and widely used materials for sole making. Also, look for other non-slip properties as you will be needing them. 

High-quality grip material is necessary because chances are you will be crossing every type of terrain when you are going for extreme fishing. For obvious reasons, the grip is also necessary for wet surfaces on your boat or slippery rocks near the river. You also need protection from sharp rocks for your feet and walk stably without falling over.


Everybody wants their shoes to last as long as possible. You wouldn’t either want your shoe to last a few months either. To look for durable pairs, always look for the quality of stitching. Another sign to look for is that the sole has to be stitched, and there should not be many gaps for debris to get inside. To give your shoe an extra mile, you should also take care of it and a little tender love, and are will do the job.

Why do fishermen wear fishing shoes?

The deck is often wet and prone to slippage. That is why many anglers use very good-quality fishing shoes for slipping and protection of their feet. Also, when you are in the fishing industry, you need to move quickly on your boat or while you are in the industry. There is a risk of your feet hitting the items on the boat, but you can protect yourself by using a fishing shoe.

Do Shore Wear Kayaking spots & Fishing?

And for those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed kayaks, these fishing shoes are a great accessory. As the water rises, our feet become very soft and can be injured by even three small blows. Therefore, fishing shoes can highly protect during kayak-related sports and transfers. For example, when you are in the Kayak sport, you have to go into the water, and some of the underwater thorns, rocks, oysters, etc., can damage your feet. Therefore, these kayak-related shoes are practical.


Q. Can I wear these fishing shoes for hiking?

Ans. Yes, of course, you can wear these shoes for hiking, fishing, and any other outdoor activity you like. These are perfect multi-purpose shoes for you.

Q. What is the quick-dry system?

Ans. A quick-dry system ensures your feet stay dry as much as possible. There is a drainage hole in your shoe that flushes the water out as it enters. This way, your shoe will dry quickly.

Q. Are these shoes lightweight?

Ans. Yes, all of the models on our list are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Q. Does these shoes provide grip over wet and slippery surfaces?

Ans. Yes, all of the fishing shoes on our list have non-slip properties. They have outer rubber soles, which can provide exceptional grip on the wet and slippery surface. 

Q. Can the mesh design keep and out from the shoe?

Ans. Most of the sand is prevented from getting in, but chances are tiny particles might get inside if used in deep sand.

Q. Does these shoes provide breathable materials?

Ans. Yes, all of the listed shoes here have breathable materials that help your foot build up a sweat and let the air dry your feet.

Q. Are these shoes comfortable?

Ans. Yes, these fishing shoes are very comfortable to wear and provide better arch support and cushioning inside.

Q. Are these shoes easy to wear?

Ans. Yes, all of the fishing shoes on our list have a slip-on design and elastic lace cord system, which locks easily and lets you get your foot in and out quickly.

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