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Tips for Pick Fresh Fish

It can be your first day in the shopping or buying some fish at the market. One of the most important things to do while doing shopping is to get some fresh fish for your meal. Although you don’t know how to pick fresh fish, it’s as simple as reading this text. On the other hand, if you don’t get things right that will be a defeat for sure as rotten fish is a major factor in food poisoning. Although you are a man or a woman, it is really important to know what you’re about to buy. This article will let you know all the facts regarding how to pick fresh fish.

Sell Date Is crucial

Sell date is a crucial factor when identifying the fresh fish. Although it is fresh fish, stores will not be able to keep it for more than two days. If you see that the sell-date has gone past, it is necessary to know from how many days. If it is longer than 02 days, that fish will not be for your use. Even though you intend to store it for few days couple of days, that will be fine too. But, the maximum duration has to be les than a week.

Observation Is The Key

If you are willing to do things manually on how to pick fresh fish, this will be the best way, observing fish and judging the whole content. Smell, eyes, discolorations, gills, and there are so many things that you need to pay attention to. It is the best way to depend on yourself as it doesn’t require assistance from the packaging as well.

Smell Is Crucial

Unlike chicken or similar raw meat, fish has got a slightly different odor. When it comes to the specifications, there will be none. All you have to do is to smell it and feel the smell at first. It is important to grab a fish with a less icy nature as it can make you smell better. If there is more than a fishy smell, you will not cook it as fresh fish for sure. Although the fishy smell is the right one, sea smell will be the best way to indicate rotten fish smell. When it comes to the worst, it will start smelling like Ammonia which you can complain to the authorities.

Slimy Nature Along With The

Slimy Nature Along With The

Along with the smell, you are going to feel a sort of mucous with the rotten or rotten commenced fish. Although it is one of the ways on how to pick fresh fish, you might have seen some of the fish are born mucous releasers.  Therefore you have to depend on the factor of the smell the specific fish holds.

Peep Into Fish’s Eyes

You might have used this way to judge people. If they lie on you, they will not have clears eyes for sure. When it comes to fresh fish, it will act in the same way. If they are as fresh as they say, fish must have clear eyes. Although it is about spring fish or saltwater fish, it is vital to have a clear vision. When it comes to sunken or ashy eyes, it will not be anything regarding their living but the duration they have been staying in the refrigerator.

On the other hand, sunken or dark eyes in fish are a clear symptom that some of the substances have started to react. It means that food poisoning will be a possibility along with these kinds of fish.

Texture Of The Fish

When looking for facts on how to pick fresh fish, you have got one precious place to know the freshness, their flesh. Since it is the thing that you are about to consume, you must observe the nature of the softness of the fish. If it is too sticky, discolored, producing too much mucus, and having dissolving skin, you will have to go to another store.

Special TIP For Salmon!

This is a better way to judge Salmon like fish as their typical flesh is pinkish with white lines. The more the fish get expires, the more flesh color becomes darker. At some points, you will not find the whole flesh is still a pinkish color. Greyish spots appear and then the entire flesh part becomes greyish. It is understandable not having the ability to identify the inherited flesh color as you are a beginner. This is when you have to be tricky. You may compare the colors of the fish in the same species to come to an understanding.

When Purchasing Frozen Fish

If you are wondering how to pick fresh fish under the frozen condition, you will have to especially a couple of things.  Since you are limited to smell the odor, feel the fleshy nature, or even observe the sticky mucus, you must focus on the factors such as freezing burns, amount of ice on the fish, and chemical substances at some stages. Since the company or the store is working hard to keep the nature of the fish, freezing can go deeper when the burns can occur. When it comes to the inside of the fish, they start to rot which makes them unfavorable for human consumption.


It is always better to stay protected even after the purchase which means you still have a chance to save your health along with your loved ones. Although you have already made the purchase, it is up to you when deciding the consumption. Since most of the ready-to-cook fish are available in frozen conditions, it takes few hours to see the true nature of fish.

If you are too late to know how to pick fresh fish, you will have to dump the fish you have already purchased. It is better to soak them in water to get to know the quality of the fish. They will start showing the mentioned symptoms belong to rotten fish when the ice starts melting.

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