Mud crabs can be easily identified by their gender. These simple videos show you how to identify male and female Mud Crabs simply by looking at their apron.

Identifying Male and Female Mud Crabs

The bottom of a mud crab makes it easy to tell if a male crab is a female crab or not. A crab’s underside is called the apron, and it is rounded in the female crab compared to the male. As a female grows older, her apron will become more rounded. It grows naturally to produce more eggs.

Accordingly, in the following two videos, the difference between males and females is clearly mentioned.

Female Mud Crab

Unlike female crabs, male crabs have a narrow candle-shaped underside to their shells. The back of the crab shells of females has a broad, spherical shape. Additionally, the main legs of male crabs are larger than those of female crabs.


Is it advantageous to know the gender of mud crabs?

Knowing the males and females of crabs is advantageous to you. Male crabs have more meat, especially if you can afford to purchase them. In addition, male crabs have a large amount of flesh on their forelegs, so you can buy a crab with more meat than you do by understanding the sex of the crab at the time of purchase.

How to Buy Male or Female Mud Crabs

You can choose male or female crabs according to your preference. You should know how to identify your preferences, however, if you have any. By looking at the apron of a crab, you can do this easily. When the underside of a crab is rounded, it is a female crab. Male crabs have larger limbs and meatier claws, so they are preferred by some because of their meatier meat.

Is there a difference in the taste of Male and Female Mud Crabs?

Male crabs have larger meat, so it is the rule of thumb that they taste better since they have more meat. However, this might not always be the case. Both male and female crabs are thought to have good taste when it comes to taste.



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