best Waterproof headlamp For Fishing

Top 5 Best Waterproof Headlamp For Fishing

If you love angling and don’t have a headlamp in your equipment, you miss out on a lot of fishing action. Dusk and dawn are possibly the best time to catch fish as they are more active in these times. Or if it gets dark without a source of light, you would be blind as a bat out there. 

So not only a headlamp light everything in the dark for you, it keeps your hands free and points the light where your eyes are. Another bonus you can get is that fish are attracted towards light and this way you can fill your fishing bag nicely. You might come across several headlamps but follow our list of the top 5 best Waterproof headlamps For Fishing to choose the right one.

Not all fishing headlamps are the same, as there are various types out there. Modern headlamps are multi-functional and battery power with some sporting different colored lights. For example, green light is used to attract fish while red light disturbs them. That’s why knowing what to look for when buying a headlamp for your needs is essential.

Top 5 Best Waterproof Headlamp For Fishing

we have chosen the top 5 waterproof fishing headlamps by considering the comfort, illumination, battery life, and other essential features and their detailed breakdown. We also have a buying guide section focusing on crucial elements to consider before selecting the best option for yourself.

1. Tough Light USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp Waterproof 


The Tough Light waterproof fishing headlamp is a little widget with a lot of features. It is one of the best waterproof headlamps for fishing with a simple design and small form factor. You can store it in your pocket and quickly put it on using its flexible and adjustable headband. The headband has another trick up its sleeves. Once you flip it inside out, it can act as a nonslip headband with rubber tread so you can wear it over helmets and hats.

This fishing headlamp from Tough Light would not be on our list if it had not waterproof qualifications. It has an IP6X waterproof rating, and on top of that, when it falls accidentally in water, it won’t sink like a stone instead floats like a feather on the surface. All thanks to its military-grade plastic mold, this is one of the best waterproof headlamps for fishing.

Another feature of this headlamp that makes it unique is the infrared motion sensor. A simple hand gesture in front of the sensor can switch it on/off with this feature. This way, your hands are entirely free to concentrate on the rod and the reel. 

With seven different light modes, you can choose the intensity according to your requirements. The main LED is a Cree XP-G/S3; it has three light output modes, the auxiliary light has one mode, and the green light has two modes. It also has an SOS blinker. The following table will explain all the features.

OUTPUT/LUMENS 300 122 12 N/A 12 25 N/A
DISTANCE/FEET 453 276 98 N/A 23 30 N/A
RUNTIME/ HOURS 7 14 56 42 36 16 50

This incredible performance would be difficult without a battery backup. This waterproof fishing headlamp has rechargeable Li-Polymer batteries that have a capacity of 900mAh. The batteries are replaceable which gives a longer life to this fishing headlamp. The battery life depends on the model you are using, and you can refer to the table above.

The manufacturer also gives a two-year warranty coverage that makes it a safe purchase.


  • Three different lights: main, auxiliary, and green light.
  • Seven different light modes.
  • Motion sensor for hands-free on/off.
  • IPX6 waterproof ratings
  • Small and lightweight design


  • None.

Technical Details

2. Morpilot 1200 Lumens Headlamp 2 Packs, 2600mAh Battery/USB Rechargeable Headlamp


The Morpilot waterproof fishing headlamp is your best companion on a fishing trip because not only do you get a lot of features from it. And you get two headlamps for the price of one. You can wear it with a single around the head or an additional over-the-headband that is adjustable and provides a snug fit around your head. You can swivel the lamp to 180 degrees providing an easy adjustment according to your needs without hurting your neck. You can also detach the lamp and store it easily. Spotting and catching fish just got easier with this best waterproof headlamp for fishing. 

This super bright dual LED headlamp has an output of 1200 lumen. Its effective illumination range is nearly 500 meters. The five different light modes are High, medium, dim, SOS, and strobe modes. You can use these according to your fishing requirements and illuminate your surroundings.

All of this brightness is possible due to the high capacity 2400mAh rechargeable battery that you can recharge with a USB cable from any device. Fully charged, it will run for 12 hours on medium mode and 3 hours on high mode. But, of course, it would be best if you had all that charge to get you the best fishing experience in the dark.

Its IPX65 water resistance and shockproof properties make it a perfect companion on a fishing trip where things get soaked quickly. The aluminum structure makes it compact and shockproof. With a horizontal design, dual-LED sits in the middle and the on/off knob on one side with the battery opening cap on the other.

To use this best waterproof headlamp for fishing, you can detach it from the headband and, with the help of a pocket clip (included), attach it to your pocket. It also has a magnetic design on one side to stick it around any metal object. To attach it with a helmet, you get eight hooks included in the package.


  • Super Bright 1200 lumen output.
  • Five lighting modes.
  • Long-range light illumination.
  • Adjustable headbands.
  • IPX65 water resistance.
  • Rechargeable, long-lasting battery.
  • Detachable design.
  • Pack of 2 with attaching accessories.


  • The battery drains fast in high mode.

3. SLONIK 1000 Lumen Rechargeable CREE LED Headlamp 


The Solink waterproof fishing headlamp is a small but wonderful piece of equipment for your fishing gear. It has a completely detachable design and comes with a storage box for convenient carrying. The accessories included in the packaging with this lamp are a headband, hat attachment clips, a USB cable, battery, and a user manual. Its 1000,000-hour life span makes it the best waterproof headlamp for fishing.

This waterproof fishing headlamp has a lightweight aluminum structure that can withstand a drop from a certain height. The aluminum structure weighs 4.1oz. Its nylon headband is adjustable and can be worn over hats of different types. To make your fishing experience more comfortable in the dark, you can adjust this headlamp to 120 degrees and keep the light where you want it to be.

With its dual American Cree Xlamp LEDs, this fishing headlamp churns out 1000 lumens. The beam has a distance range of 600 feet so that you can find your way around the fishing spot. Its super brightness is thanks to the rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2200mAh. It is charged via a micro USB port and takes about 2 hours to charge fully. The battery can last from somewhere around 8 hours on a low mode to 3.5 hours on a high mode. To adjust brightness levels with a push of a button, you can select from 100-75-50-25-10 to 5% according to your needs.

Finally, we will talk about its waterproof properties. Its IPX8 ratings make it water-resistant and give it dust resistance, which makes it one of the waterproof headlamps for fishing on our list.

The manufacturer also provides a three years warranty making it a safe purchase for you.


  • Super bright with 1000 lumen output.
  • High-capacity rechargeable battery.
  • Detachable design.
  • Has a box for carrying.
  • Long service life.
  • Seven brightness levels.
  • IPX8 water resistance.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • The battery might need replacement after one month.

4. WUBEN H1 LED Headlamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable 1200 Lumens White & Red Light 10 Modes IP68 Waterproof 


Last but not least on our list is the WUBEN waterproof fishing headlamp on our list. This fishing headlamp is made of hard-anodized aluminum, which is shockproof. You can wear it with a single headband around and over the headband as well. The headbands are elastic and have an anti-slip lining on the inside. The overall weight of just 5.4oz makes it one of the best waterproof headlamps for fishing and camping. 

The WUBEN H1 headlamp uses an Osram P9 LED with an output of 1200 lumen, which is enough to light your surroundings while you catch a fish. Its beam angle is 100 degrees wide and can be rotated 180 degrees according to the needs.

With this waterproof fishing headlamp, you get ten modes of lighting that are unmatched by any other headlamp of this category. The main light source has four basic modes: high, medium, low, and moon, while it has three flash modes: strobe, SOS, and beacon. The smaller auxiliary light has two modes: either white or red light and red light flash.

To keep lights running, the 2600mAh USB rechargeable battery comes into action. The battery life depends on the mode you use. For example, the moon mode uses less power, and the battery can run for almost 500 hours.

You cannot imagine taking a non-water-resistant headlamp on a fishing trip. WUBEN H1 has robust IP68 water resistance, which makes it the best waterproof headlamp for fishing.


  • 1200 lumen brightness.
  • Ten light modes.
  • Comfortable wearing with two headbands.
  • High-capacity battery.
  • 180-degree lamp rotation.
  • IP68 water resistance.


  • Choosing light mode with a single button can be tricky.
5. MIXILIN – Professional LED Rechargeable Headlamps


The first headlamp for fishing on our list is the MIXILIN rechargeable headlamp. This waterproof fishing headlamp has a brightness level of 10000 Lumens that could light up the night. It sports an XHP 70.2 LED chip that shines 20 times brighter than a standard incandescent bulb. You can effectively use it with a light dispersing across 400 meters. It is suitable for fishing and other outdoor activities in the dark.

The MIXILIN fishing flashlight has a premium aluminum and plastic casing. With a semi hat shape with a rigid plastic frame and flexible headbands, keep the headlamp firmly on your head, and the light is stable. In addition, this waterproof fishing headlamp can swivel 90 degrees, so you can take care of your fishing gear and fix a lure without getting your fingers hurt.

Like any other battery-powered device, you don’t want your fishing headlamp to die out on you in the dark. But that’s not the case with MIXILIN waterproof headlamps. Instead, it uses three rechargeable batteries with a capacity of a whopping 10000mAh. The batteries are charged directly onto the headlamp, and there is no need to pull out the battery every time. Instead, you can recharge it with a micro USB cable from any charging outlet. You can use it for 4-15 hours with a full charge depending on the model and usage.

You get four lighting modes from this fishing headlamp. The high, medium, and low lighting. With the on/off and mode switching, you can do it with a push of a button. At the back of the fishing headlamp, the red strobe light is for warning and SOS purposes. The LED lamp has a service life of 100,000 hours, so this means a lot of dusk and dawn fishing for years to come.

Without waterproof properties, consider your headlamp toast even with a small splash of water. And while fishing, you might get soaked wet in the water or by rain. That’s why the MIXILIN headlamp has an IPX5 waterproof rating and can sustain constant water splashing. This unique feature makes it the best waterproof headlamp for fishing.


  • Super bright 10000 Lumen LED
  • Long-range coverage.
  • High-capacity battery.
  • Battery percentage indicator.
  • Lightweight and longer life-led lamp.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Three years of free replacement service.


  • The headlamp might heat up.

How to Choose a Best Waterproof Fishing Headlamp

As there are many options available in the waterproof fishing headlamps category, it could be not very clear for you to choose the best one. But here, we have highlighted some important features that you need to consider to select the best waterproof headlamp for fishing.


The amount of light emitted by a source is measured in lumens. For example, a standard LED bulb in our homes has 74 lumens of light output. So more lumens mean more brightness. Therefore, a bright fishing headlamp is necessary to successfully find your way around the fishing spot and catch a fish in the dark. 

Usually, the brightness of a fishing lamp depends on your surroundings. If you happen to be in darker areas with lots of trees or completely dark skies, you need a brighter headlamp. On the other hand, if the sky is lit by moonlight, you might need less brightness.

The average range of fishing headlamp brightness starts from a few hundred lumens to more than 10,000. So you better look for those models that offer the highest level of brightness and have different modes to select the levels according to the requirements. You should see where you are going and where you have to cast the line, or you might completely miss the point.

Light Beam Distance

For situational awareness, you should have a fishing headlamp that has a long-reaching light beam. This is because you need to see where you are going and avoid obstacles before reaching them and making a detour. And casting a lure in the right place also requires a longer beam range. So consider a fishing headlamp that has a longer-range beam.

Apart from the beam range, its angle is also important to look into. Because due to a narrow beam, you would constantly be moving your head around, which could hurt your neck. A wide-angle beam can be a lifesaver in many situations.

Water Resistance

Imagine you are angling at dusk, and your regular headlamp gets splashed by water and gives up on you, rendering you call for help. Before choosing a fishing headlamp, make sure it is waterproof or water-resistant because fishing is done in water, and water kills electrical circuits.

There is a difference between waterproof & water resistance as the water-resistant objects can survive water up to some degrees and the waterproof objects can completely withstand submerging.

Before you go for the fishing headlamp of your choice, make sure it has a water-resistant rating labeled as IP or IPX. Most fishing headlamps have a rating of IP65, IPX8 and so on. Although the headlamp might be water-resistant, it is not recommended to submerge it in water for longer due to the risk of damage.

Battery Life

Just like any other battery-powered device, you need as much life out of your fishing headlamp battery as possible. And the more the battery capacity, the better it is. It would help if you considered a headlamp with a battery capacity of no less than 2000mAh, or it might run out, cutting your fishing trip short.

Another thing to consider of importance is the selection between the rechargeable battery and standard batteries. The advantage of non-rechargeable batteries is that they utilize their inclusive capacity consistently until they die out. And here it becomes a disadvantage because you need to buy more batteries which can be expensive in the long term.

On the contrary, you can use rechargeable batteries for a long time, usually lasting for months of charging cycles. So, therefore, you should consider a rechargeable battery option, and USB charging has made everything hassle-free.

Light Modes

Almost all of the fishing headlamps come with multiple light modes. It allows you to adjust the brightness on many levels according to your requirements and the surroundings. You can choose from high, medium, and low modes of the light beam.

Some waterproof fishing headlamps have auxiliary lights such as red and green lights for various purposes. 

The flashing strobe and SOS modes are also helpful in rescue or distress, and in the dark, anyone can spot a flashing strobe light for miles.

So make sure to look for those headlamps that have multiple light modes.


For a fishing headlamp being comfortable is important. If a headlamp is not comfortable, it’s not worth it and might hinder your ability to catch fish. As the fishing headlamp needs to be on your head for a long period, you need to consider soft, flexible, and adjustable headbands. It should not be too tight to give a headache or looseness that may distract your attention by constantly adjusting it. 

You might want to consider a fishing headlamp with a battery pack at the back to balance out the weight properly.


What does Lumen mean?

Lumen is an SI unit that measures the amount of light coming out of a source. This means more lumens are brighter, and this way, a fishing headlamp’s brightness is measured.

Why does an angler require headlamps?

Fishing headlamps are an absolute necessity in fishing gear. A headlamp is required because sometimes when it gets dark on a fishing trip finding your back becomes difficult. And most importantly, fishing at Dusk and Dawn is the best time to catch fish as they are more active.  

Which type of light is best for fishing in the dark?

For better visibility, white light is perfect for use in the dark and illuminates surroundings for better visibility.

How do I know the fishing headlamp is water-resistant?

The water resistance is rated as IP or IPX, and you should always look for these ratings before making a purchase.

Can standard batteries be used in fishing headlamps?

Regular batteries can be used in fishing headlamps. Still, the problem is that when the batteries die out, they are useless, and you need to buy more batteries which can be a ding to the purse. Rechargeable batteries are much safer and can be used for months with many charging cycles.

Can I use my fishing headlamp for other purposes?

fishing headlamps can be used for a variety of other uses as well. All of the fishing headlamps on our list can be used for hiking, camping, cycling, and other uses. Some Of the models on our list have clips for hard hats also.

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