Kayaking is an adventurous sport and an extremely popular pastime. While kayaks are sometimes not that easy to store and transport because they are bulky, some kayakers prefer having their kayaks mounted on wall racks to keep them secured and admire their beauty.

For avid kayakers looking for a versatile, durable, and simple way to hang their kayaks, a wall mount rack is a must. They are incredibly popular for two reasons. First, the majority of kayak racks are made from metal, which is lightweight, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant. Secondly, many wall-mounting systems include a bungee cord or elastic strap that wraps around the kayak frame, preventing it from falling off the wall. This provides peace of mind to kayakers who want to leave their kayaks unattended at the house.

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Benefits of Kayak Wall Mount

A wall mount kayak rack might seem unnecessary, but it has more advantages than just being a space saver. Kayaks are expensive pieces of equipment often made out of wood, plastic materials, and fiberglass. Improper storage of kayaks can cause damage to the surface, thus shortening their life.

If your kayak is made out of fiberglass or plastic, its surface can become warped when stored improperly. Another disadvantage of storing your kayak on the garage floor is that it can scratch and dent the delicate laminated surface. The wooden and composite material kayaks are at risk of growing mildew in moist conditions.

The best wall mount kayak racks are a solution to the safe storage of kayaks of all types conveniently. When you store your kayak on a wall mount, it prevents mildew growth and saves it from getting scratched and dented. The wall mount kayak rack supports the whole weight of the kayak, which prevents warping, and it stays in a perfect shape. So it is a smart investment in an affordable kayak wall mount that can protect your expensive kayak and ensure its durability.

Different Types Of Kayak Storage Racks

When it comes to kayak storage racks, you have the choice of three main types:

  1. Standing Kayak Racks
  2. Wall Mounted Kayak Racks
  3. Ceiling Mounted Racks

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a very good understanding of Wall Mounted Kayak Racks. Below is a complete description of the highest quality Wall Mounted Kayak Racks currently available on Amazon.

The Best Kayak Rack Wall Mounts on Amazon

While kayaks are great for exploring and enjoying rivers and lakes, they can be a pain to store when they’re not in water. That’s where the best wall mount kayak racks come in. It makes storing your kayak much easier and safer.

Check out our Top & Best 7 Best Kayak Rack Wall Mounts

1. Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack

After having fun with your kayak, surfboard, or paddleboard in the water, it’s time to properly secure them. For that, the best marine kayak storage rack is a perfect option that saves you a lot of garage space and keeps them out of harm’s way.

The angled arm of the best marine kayak storage rack is made out of steel tubing, which is extremely strong and durable. It can withstand a 100 pounds weight capacity, allowing you to store your bulky watercraft of a different kind. The steel tube arm is powder-coated for rust protection for indoor and outdoor use. It measures 22 inches tall and 19.5 inches wide to accommodate any type of kayak, surfboard, or paddleboard.

There are adjustable straps and fasteners to secure the kayak onto the wall mount rack. These straps and fasteners can hold the total weight of the kayak, surfboard, or paddleboard and keep it secure firmly indoors and outdoors in windy conditions.

Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack
Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack

These best wall mount kayak racks come with nylon foam padding to protect the delicate surface of your kayaks, surfboard, and paddleboards. Along with scratch protection, it gives your watercrafts longer life, and fewer repairs will be required.

Installation of the best marine kayak storage rack is very easy. You have to drill a few holes after taking precise measurements and mount the rack using screws provided with it. You can install this kayak rack indoors and outdoors according to your needs.

Overall the best marine kayak storage rack is well suited for bulky kayaks, surfboards, and paddleboards. Although it is priced in a higher range, its quality and durability compensate for it.

Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack
Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack


  • A strong wall mount for larger kayaks can hold 100 lbs.
  • Padded arms help protect your kayaks, paddleboards, and surfboards.
  • Straps help to tie down the kayak securely.
  • Angled arms will cradle your kayak well.


  • The screws provided strip easily. 



2.Pelican Sport Wall Mount Kayak Rack

Pelican Sport makes kayak racks, paddles, and accessories for kayaks. They’re a well-established brand with a long history of producing high-quality products. Their kayak rack is a popular choice for those who want to mount their kayaks on their walls indoors or outdoor.

The Pelican Sports wall mount kayak rack has a very unique design. For a compact storage solution, the bracket is designed to swivel and fold when not in use and will be out of your way. The wall rack measures 17.21 inches high and extends 15.2 inches. It comes with two arms, with the top one for holding kayaks and other watercraft, while the lower handle is for storing paddles.

Pelican Sport - Wall Rack

This wall mount kayak rack in question is made of solid steel structure for durability and support. It is, therefore, able to hold 150 lbs weight and is suitable for bulky kayaks. Another unique feature of this kayak rack is that it comes with strategically placed rubber pads that hold your kayak firmly to prevent it from slipping and protects it from scratches and dents.

Installing these best wall mount kayak racks is very convenient. It can be fixed indoors and outdoors, whether it’s a garage, patio, or the docks and piers. To protect this kayak rack from the elements and rust, it is powder-coated that will last a very long time. For easy installation, you are provided with mounting brackets and screws; all you have to do is carefully drill out holes for it.

If you plan to store your precious and bulky kayaks, then the Pelican Sports wall mount kayak rack is a better option at a very reasonable price.

Pelican Sport - Wall Rack
Pelican Sport – Wall Rack


  • It can be used to hold kayaks, paddleboards, and surfboards.
  • It has storage space for kayak paddles.
  • 150-pound capacity.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Easy to install.


  • The mounting screws are of low quality.



3. Vahodegn Wall Mount Kayak Rack

If you are in search of a multi-purpose wall mount for space-saving in your garage or outdoors, then look no further than the Vahodegan wall mount kayak rack. It is a simple but durable design that can be used to store ladders, folded chairs, bicycles, garden tools, garden hoses, lumber, sports equipment, and your kayaks.

The Vahodegan wall mount kayak rack comes in a packaging of 6 wall mount arms, 12 screws, and 12 screw anchors. Each mounting frame is held to the wall by two screws, and the total weight-bearing capacity is this kayak rack is 50 lbs. 

The Vahodegan kayak rack is made from tubular low carbon steel, making it strong and sturdy. To prevent the rack arms from rusting, they are protected with powder coating, which can last a long time. To protect the kayaks and other watercraft from scratches and dents, each rack arm has an EVA protector padding, and it also helps hold them securely. 

Garage Storage Heavy Duty Hooks
Garage Storage Heavy Duty Hooks

The rack measures 10.5 inches high and extends 15 inches in terms of measurements. Whereas in terms of storage space, it can hold any kayak or other watercraft with less than 13 inches of width. With that being said, this storage rack is perfect for storing smaller, less bulky kayaks, surfboards, paddleboards, and canoes.

With perfect rust protection, you can install the Vahodegan kayak storage rack indoors and outdoors. It requires drilling a few holes in the wall and mounting the screws to fix it to the wall or at the docks.

Garage Storage Heavy Duty Hooks
Garage Storage Heavy Duty Hooks


  • Affordable kayak rack.
  • Six pack of wall mounts
  • Great if you own multiple kayaks.
  • Easy to install.
  • Padded hooks.
  • Multi-purpose use.



  • The screws provided strip quickly.
  • The screw anchors fail easily.



4. Tahikem Kayak Rack Wall Mount

If you are looking for multiple kayak storage rack ideas, then the Tahikem rack wall mount is a perfect choice for you. Because you will get 4 wall mount racks, you can store your multiple kayaks or watercraft safely. Choosing this model of kayak wall rack is because it is available at a very affordable price.

With the help of the Tahikem kayak wall rack, you can free up a lot of garage space by storing your kayaks or other tools on it. It can withstand a decent load of 50 pounds, and thanks to its tubular steel construction, it is pretty sturdy. For rust protection, it is powder coated and thus can be used indoors and outdoors. To save your kayaks from getting scratched and dented or slipping, the rack arms have an EVA non-slip coating.

Tahikem Kayak Rack Wall Mount

You will also receive 4 nylon storage straps with the wall rack. You can use these steps to hang kayak paddles and other gear. The straps can be used by hanging them from the wall rack as it has a ring eyelet that slips through the rack arm.


Each kayak holding rack measures 10.5 inches high and extends 15 inches. It provides decent storage space for a medium-sized kayak or canoe. Whereas the nylon strap measures 13 inches long which can hold any gear you want to organize.

Installation of this wall mount kayak rack is easy and can be done with DIY skills. You need to drill two holes per rack and install the rack using screws and anchors which are provided.



  • 4 pack of wall mounts.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Easy to install.
  • Arms are padded.
  • Great if you own multiple kayaks.
  • Comes with nylon storage straps.


  • Not suitable for bulky kayaks.



5. Onefeng Sports Wall Mount Kayak Storage Rack

The Onefeng sports wall mount kayak rack is one of the sturdiest and helps you organize your garage space. Not only does this kayak wall mount provides storage for your kayaks, paddleboards, and surfboards, but it also has storage space for kayak paddles and other tools in your garage.

To make the kayak rack sturdy and reliable, it is made from high-grade steel tubing and is entirely plastic-free. This design gives it strength and thus can bear a 100 pounds weight capacity. For increased protection, the rack is powder-coated for outside and indoor use. With the help of strategically placed rubber pads that help prevent the kayak from slipping and getting damaged.

Kayak Wall Hanger Wall Mount Kayak Storage Rack Swivel Rack Design

One of the unique features of this kayak storage rack is that when not in use, you can easily fold it to keep it away from coming in your way. With the help of spring lock buttons, you can fold the rack flat against the wall. Its joints are welded therefore providing good load-bearing capacity.

The Onefeng kayak storage rack is 16.3 inches high and sticks out 17 inches. This makes the storage rack 17 inches wide and helps you store bulky kayaks and canoes.

When it comes to installation, it is easy. It just requires drilling some holes precisely to fit the Onefeng kayak rack perfectly. Always remember that install the reck properly, or it will be flimsy. The installation hardware is provided with the kayak storage rack.

Kayak Wall Hanger Wall Mount Kayak Storage Rack Swivel Rack Design


  • It can hold kayaks, paddleboards, ladders, and other gear.
  • Has a secondary storage cradle arm.
  • It can fold flat against the wall.
  • 100-pound capacity.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to install.


  • The screws provided break easily.



6 .StoreYourBoard Kayak Ceiling Storage Hoist

If you have run out of kayak storage space in your garage, then the only solution is to use the ceiling space. Yes, you heard it right. With the help of the StoreYourBoard kayak ceiling storage hoist, it is now possible to store your kayaks and other stuff up and above harm’s way. The advantage of ceiling hoist storage is that it frees up a lot of space and keeps your kayaks safe.

The StoreYourBoard is a complete ceiling hoist system that allows you to store your kayak, canoe, or surfboards without using extra hands. Following are the items that are provided in this complete hoist system.


  • It comes with two loading brackets coupled with pulleys attached to the ceiling.
  •  The hoisting rope is also included, which can support weight up to 60lbs, and heavy-duty hooks for attaching ropes to the straps.
  • A wall-mounted cleat to tie off the excess rope. 
  • This hoist system also includes two high-strength straps to wrap around the kayaks.
  • There is a center strap that most kayak hoists don’t have. This center strap helps connect both pulleys so that the storage straps don’t shift while hoisting.

You can install this hoist system for kayak storage on the ceiling up to 12 feet high. The kayak height can be adjusted according to your needs. The pulley system of this kayak hoist gives a mechanical advantage to lift it without much effort. You can also adjust the width of the straps to fit any sized kayak.

This StoreYourBoard hoist keeps you safe and secure because a self-locking mechanism prevents it from dropping down. Moreover, the protective rubber casings around buckles on the straps prevent them from scratching the kayaks.

Although this kayak hoist storage is very robust and easy to use, it is suitable only for smaller kayaks. But the upside is that it is easy to install, saves a lot of space, and is multipurpose.



  • Included straps and hooks make it easy to load and unload a kayak.
  • The locking mechanism secures your kayak in storage.
  • Included wall-mounted rope tie-down cleat for convenience.
  • Budget-friendly price.


  • The thin rope isn’t great for hoisting.



7. RAD Sportz Kayak Wall Hangers


The Rad Sportz presents you with its simplest kayak storage ideas. Their wall mount kayak rack is a no-nonsense design that is simple and easy to use. It can help you store your bulky kayaks and can withstand 100 lbs weight capacity.


These best wall mount kayak racks are made from sturdy steel tubing and are powder coated for rust protection. Unlike other kayak racks, this model comes with two wall mounting brackets per arm. This helps you securely install it against the wall and protect your kayaks from falling over. The hooks are foam-padded to protect the delicate surface of kayaks, surfboards, or paddleboards. The padded surface also prevents the kayaks from slipping away. 

Installing the Rad Sportz kayak wall rack is easy. All the mounting hardware is provided in the packaging. The mounting brackets need to be assembled before installation, where the hook is attached to the rod with screws. After assembling the rack, you have to drill a few holes and mount the rack using screws.


Sportz Kayak Wall Hangers


  • Padded arms hold the kayak in place.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Supports up to 100 pounds.
  • Powder-coated steel is very durable.



  • It will not fit all kayak depths.



What are the factors to consider before purchasing a kayak rack wall mount

You might come across numerous kayak storage rack ideas when buying one. But before that, you need to consider a few crucial features for selecting the best wall mount kayak racks.

Kayak Rack Type

There are two types of kayak storage racks available on the market. Those are metal hooks with varying width, weight capacity, extra features, or ceiling hoist storage. The metal hooks are ideal for storing your kayaks, paddleboards, or surfboards and often have a larger weight-bearing capacity. Most kayak walls mount rocks are fixed and tend to come in your way when not in use, but some racks have folding features.

On the other hand, the sling-type kayak storage system is attached to the ceiling and provides adequate space-saving. But the downside of hoist kayak storage is that it is helpful for lo weight capacity kayaks only. So make sure to choose the correct type of kayak storage racks according to your requirements.

Weight Capacity

Not all kayak storage racks have the same weight-bearing capacity. It is essential to know the weight capacity of a kayak rack that you want to buy. If you have a heavy-duty kayak, then make sure to choose a rack with the maximum weight capacity. Otherwise, your kayak will come crashing down and might get damaged beyond repair. Some wall mount kayak racks have the ability to hold up to 200lbs.


Padding on the kayak racks is essential as it serves multiple purposes. First of all, it protects your kayak when it is suspended on the rack and keeps it from scratching and dents. Secondly, the padding prevents your kayak from slipping and sliding by securely keeping it in its place.

There are two types of paddings available on kayak racks: rubber or foam padding. Both of these materials provide the same level of protection. But rubber padding provides protection for an extended period, while foam padding might not last long.

Safety Straps

Most of the kayak storage racks come equipped with safety straps. The safety straps work by holding the kayak securely, protecting against accidental nudge or knocking over, and providing wind protection if used outdoors. So if you want an extra level of protection for your kayaks, then make sure to buy a rack with safety straps.


Can I use a kayak storage rack outdoors?

The best wall mont kayak racks can be installed indoors and outdoors effectively. Almost all kayak racks are made from metal and come protected with powder coating for rust prevention. Therefore you can use wall mount kayak racks in your garage, patio, or even at the docks.

Can I store my kayak upside down?

Kayaks should not be stored upside down because they can damage the bottom due to their own weight. It is also bad to store kayaks for an extended period on their hull or on their sides. Because most kayaks are made from plastic or fiberglass, they are prone to dents and warping if stored improperly.

Does install kayak racks require professional help?

Almost all of the kayak racks are easy to install and can be mounted with simple DIY skills. It requires drilling out holes properly and mounting the rack with screws. But if you are facing any difficulty, you can seek professional help.

What is the best way to install a kayak wall mount?

Installing a kayak hanger typically requires a few tools, such as a stud finder, a level, and a measuring tape.

Screws, bolts, or anchors may or may not come with the mount, so if they aren’t included, make sure you have them with you. No matter where you place the hanger, it must be secured firmly to the studs.

Incorrectly installed wall mounts can cause your kayak to fall off. If you have this installed in your garage, make sure you strike the studs for a secure fit.

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