Finding your lost fishing gear or other metal objects in deep muddy waters is nearly impossible. But there is a way to retrieve them using only a magnet and a rope. Here we will show you how to find hidden metal objects deep underwater using the best fishing magnet and then how to retrieve them.

Many people don’t actually try to find lost jewelry, fishing equipment, or any other metal object in the depths of the ocean, lake, or river. They believe that the thing is gone forever. Using a metal detector might be a good choice, but it can only be used on the ground. Moreover, using a metal detector underwater requires special equipment and scuba diving skills. However, it is possible to find hidden metal objects with little effort. Magnet fishing kit is commonly used to find metal objects deep underwater without spending too much.

Not only does magnet fishing help retrieve your personal fishing equipment or other metal objects, but you might also stumble upon an old treasure or a relic buried underwater for many years if you are lucky. So for that purpose, you need a strong magnet and a long rope.

Top 7 Best Fishing Magnet In 2023

To know more about the best fishing magnet, keep on reading as we have a list of magnet fishing kits for you.

1 .Muscular Magnetics 1225lb Double Sided Fishing Magnet

Muscular-Magnetics Fishing-Magnet

The Muscular Magnetics premium magnet fishing kit is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. This magnet fishing kit has everything you need to go out and try your luck on finding lost objects in the water. It includes a pair of non-slip gloves, a 100 feet rope, adhesive tape, grappling hook, thread locker glue, and a double-sided Neodymium magnet. 

The Neodymium double-sided magnet provided in the Muscular Magnetics kit has the strength to pull nearly half a ton of weight. Its diameter is 75mm, and its thickness of 4mm. This magnet is N38 grade and has a Ni-Cu-Ni coating. A three-layered nickel – copper – nickel coating prevents the magnet from rust and abrasion. This fishing magnet kit has three-pronged stainless steel grappling hook with a weight capacity of 132 pounds To double your chances to pull on magnetic items from the bottom of the river, lake, or pond.

Fishing-Magnet-Bundle-Pack - p

The nylon rope that comes with this magnet fishing kit is 6mm thick and 100 feet long. You can attach the rope to the magnet using a high-strength carabiner. The rope sometimes cannot withstand pulling force and can get damaged when scraped against rocks. So to protect the rope, you are provided with a strong adhesive tape that can be wrapped around the rope.

Pulling a nylon rope can cause blisters on your hands when magnet fishing. So to prevent that from happening, lightweight but durable gloves are included in the magnet fishing kit by Muscular Magnetics. These gloves have a mesh top and rubber bottom for extra grip to pull the rope easily.

Repeatedly casting your fishing magnet can unscrew i bolt, securing the magnet to the rope. You can lose your magnet permanently once the i bold is unscrewed. The medium-strength thread lock provided with the kit can be used to prevent this from happening. It is best to apply the thread lock thoroughly and leave it for a few hours to properly set and secure the i bolt.

This magnet fishing kit from Muscular Magnetics is reasonably priced and, with all accessories, is one of the best fishing magnets.


What We Like

  • Double-sided high-strength magnet.
  • Adequate length rope.
  • Grappling hook for non-ferromagnetic objects.
  • Non-slip gloves included.
  • Reasonably priced.


What We Don’t Like

  • The gloves are available only in one size.



2. Mavericka Magnet Fishing Kit



The Mavericka magnet fishing kit is suitable for you if you are new to fishing magnets. This magnet fishing kit includes a double-sided magnet, a quarter-inch 65-foot rope, a pair of non-slip gloves, two I bolts, and a carabiner. Although this kit is short of a retainer hook and a thread locker, it can be used by amateur fishing magnet enthusiasts to pull ferromagnetic objects from a depth of 65 feet.

The Neodymium magnet included in this best fishing magnet kit is double-sided. What’s more interesting about this magnet is that it has two slots for i bolts and has two stainless steel i bolts included. It helps you use it to drag it across the bottom or drop it from any height. This 2.95 inches in diameter magnet has strong pulling power and has a capacity of 1200 pounds. Although smaller in size, it has strong magnetic properties. It would be best to use it with caution to avoid getting your fingers stuck between magnets and surfaces.

The nylon rope provided with this magnet fishing kit is strong enough to pull heavy metal objects cligned to the magnet. This rope is quarter inches thick and has a metal carabiner at one end to secure it to the magnet perfectly, which prevents your magnet from getting lost. This rope measures 65 feet, which is decent for magnet fishing in small rivers, streams, and ponds.

The nylon rope might cause bruises and blisters on your hands when pulling a heavy object. This magnet fishing kit has a one-size non-slip glove included preventing these injuries. So you can keep trying your luck to find and retrieve what’s hidden in the depths.

Although this magnet fishing kit doesn’t sport other accessories such as a retainer hook, thread locker, safety tape, and a long rope, it still is one of the best fishing magnets on our list due to its magnetic properties and reasonable price.

What We Like

  • High-quality dual-sided magnet.
  • Two I bolts are included in the kit for drag and drop functions.
  • High-quality nylon rope.
  • Reasonable price.


What We Don’t Like

  • The gloves are one size only.
  • The kit doesn’t include a thread locker.


3. Logui Double Sided Magnet Fishing Kit



Suppose you have lost your valuables on a fishing trip in the water or want to have fun finding metal objects. In that case, the Logui double-sided magnet fishing kit might be your first choice. With all the accessories included, it is one of the best fishing magnet kits on our list for amateurs and professionals alike.

The Logui magnet fishing kit includes: a double-sided magnet, grappling hook, thread locker, 65 feet nylon rope, protective glove, a metal carabiner, a rope thimble, two i bolts, and a rope organizer.

The double-sided neodymium magnet in this magnet fishing kit has a pull force of 1000 pounds. Two magnets are combined with increasing your chances of stumbling upon the treasure you are looking for. This magnet has a three-layered nickel-copper-nickel coating to prevent it from rust or damage. 


This magnet has two slots for I bolts to drag it along the surface or drop it from a bridge or a pier. The two stainless steel I bolt come included in this magnet fishing kit, including a thread locker to secure your magnet to the I bolts. The grappling hook works to retrieve non-ferromagnetic objects to maximize your chances of finding objects deep underwater. This grappling hook has a load capacity of 150 pounds and comes with plastic hook protectors to prevent accidental injuries.

You would require a long and strong rope to cast your magnet into the water and retrieve what is caught by it. There is a nylon rope included in this magnet fishing kit for that purpose. It measures 65 feet long, which is a decent size, and is 6mm thick. It comes with a metal carabiner and rope thimble to attach it securely to the magnet and prevent the rope from damage on both ends. Organizing a long rope is sometimes messy, and it often gets tangled when not appropriately organized. So this magnet fishing kit even has a rope organizer and a 15 inches long velcro stick.

Finally, this kit also comes with non-slip gloves, which keep your hands injury-free. These gloves have a rubber coating to keep them non-slip. It comes in one universal size, which can fit anyone. Overall this is the best fishing magnet kit to have in your fishing gear and garage if you frequently lose your stuff in the water or are a magnet fishing enthusiast.


What We Like

  • Strong Ni-Cu-Ni coated double-sided magnet.
  • 65-foot rope with metal carabiner and rope thimble.
  • Rope organizer included.
  • Grappling hook included.


What We Don’t Like

  • The gloves don’t fit larger hands.


4. Brute Magnetics Single-Sided Fishing Magnet


The Brute Magnetics single-sided fishing magnet lives up to its name and has a pure brute force to get stuck to metal objects. A caution is given for a reason because of its magnetic strength. However, this bare-bones magnet only comes with an i bolt and thread locker, so make sure to source a rope and other fishing magnet accessories from a local hardware store.

 This neodymium magnet has a cover made with A3 steel, which is known for its hardness. It is further coated with Nickel-copper-nickel to prevent it from rusting. The magnet itself is rated with a 1200-pound pull force and is just the size of your palm.


Another unique feature included in this magnet for fishing is the countersunk holes. It allows you to use this magnet with many mounting applications, such as a hook, knob, or stainless steel I bolt. 

 When you secure the I bolt using the thread lock glue, you can use it as a fishing magnet to retrieve lost objects or secure them against the wall to hold tools. It would work perfectly as a fishing magnet if it is used from a height and not dragged across the bottom.

 Although this best fishing magnet has superior magnetic properties, it doesn’t come with a rope or safety gloves. It is also priced higher than other magnet fishing kits on our list.


What We Like

  • Will withstand rust and corrosion well
  • Sturdy nylon rope
  • Great pull strength to latch onto larger items


What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t include rope and gloves.
  • A bit expensive.


5. Woodland Home Magnet Fishing Kit


The Woodland Home Magnet Fishing kit can serve many purposes in different places. It can be used in a warehouse or a garage to collect and hang tools or used to retrieve metal objects to clear an area. But wherever you want to use it, make sure to keep your fingers safe due to pitching hazards.

The Woodland Home Magnet fishing kit comes equipped with a magnet, rope with a carabiner, and a pair of gloves.

The rare earth neodymium magnet has a pulling force of 880 pounds and is single-sided. This magnet measures 3.5 inches across and comes equipped with a pre-threaded I bolt fixture. This magnet has another unique feature as it has a bright orange rubber coating. This coating protects the magnet from any damage and rust. Moreover, the bright color makes it visible and prevents it from getting lost.


The rope provided with this magnet fishing kit measures 52 feet in length. This strong rope has a load capacity of 2000 pounds. The best feature found on this rope is a stitched loop end with a thimble and metal carabiner secured permanently. So losing your magnet is prevented by this loop stitching method.

Along with the rope and magnet, the Woodland Home Magnet fishing kit, you will receive a pair of safety gloves. These gloves have a rubber coating on the palm to create an anti-slip surface and keep your hands safe from rope burn, blisters, and bruises.

So no matter if you are a beginner or a professional, the Woodland Home Magnet fishing kit is perfect for fueling your passion for magnet fishing. If we look at the pricing of this best fishing magnet, it is slightly higher.


What We Like

  • Strong magnet.
  • Strong rope.
  • Safety gloves.
  • The magnet comes with a pre-threaded I bot fixture.
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals.


What We Don’t Like

  • The magnet is not meant for dragging.


6. ROGUE Magnetics Magnet Fishing Kit


Suppose you search for a premium quality fishing magnet as a beginner or a professional. In that case, you might want to invest in the Rouge Magnetics magnet fishing kit. It is a perfect multi-use magnet that can retrieve magnetic objects, hang and lift heavy tools or clear your garage or construction site of metal scrap.

The Rouge Magnetics magnet fishing kit comes equipped with a powerful magnet, braided rope with carabiner, thread locker, and a premium quality carrying case.

The rare earth neodymium magnet measures 4.7 inches in diameter and is single-sided. It has a pull force capacity of 1200 pounds and can retrieve ferromagnetic objects of any size under its load capacity. You will find this magnet with a nickel-copper – nickel coating to prevent it from getting damaged. Additionally, the magnet is covered inside an A3 steel plate which is extremely hard, making your magnet work at its best for many years. 


This neodymium magnet also comes equipped with an I bolt attachment which is screwed in place. The I bolt usually unscrews itself when repeatedly used, and as a result, the magnet is lost in the depths. So to prevent this mishap, the Rouge Magnetics magnet fishing kit has a thread locker included, which secures the i bolt permanently.

To retrieve heavy metal objects attached to a magnet from the depths require a strong rope. Therefore the braided rope provided with this best fishing magnet has a weight capacity of more than 5000 pounds. A metal carabiner is securely attached to the rope with a thimble which prevents the rope from getting damaged.

Thanks to a premium-styled carrying case, carrying the Rouge Magnetics magnet fishing kit is easy and convenient. It also helps carry the magnet securely and prevents it from sticking everywhere. Although the price of the Rouge Magnetics magnet fishing kit is higher, it is one of the best fishing magnets on our list due to its strong magnetic properties.


What We Like

  • Powerful magnet.
  • Strong rope.
  • Heavy-duty metal carabiner.
  • Carrying case included.


What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with safety gloves.


7. SNAGA MAGNETICS Powerful Magnet Fishing Kit


SNAGA Magnetics Powerful Magnet Fishing Kit is available with an assortment of accessories that one can imagine having in a magnet fishing kit. You will find the following accessories in this magnet fishing kit:

  • A powerful magnet
  • Heavy-duty rope
  • Water-resistant gloves
  • Two steel carabiners
  • A grappling hook
  • A hard plastic scraper
  • A thread locker

If we look at the magnet included in the kit is almost similar to others on our list. This neodymium magnet has an A3 steel plate coated with a three-layered nickel-copper-nickel. It measures 4.7 inches across and has a pulling force of 1500 pounds. This mammoth pulling force of this one-sided magnet makes it usable for various tasks such as pulling objects from depths or hanging tools and other metallic stuff. You can clean this fishing magnet using a sturdy plastic scraper without getting your fingers getting snapped between the magnet and metal objects.

Salvage Neodymium Fishing Magnet

This best fishing magnet comes with a counter suk screw and an i bolt for rope fixture. The countersunk ability makes it usable for hanging heavy objects. To secure the i bolt permanently with the thread locker to prevent it from getting lost.

Along with the magnet, you will also be able to use a three-pronged grappling hook to pull unevenly shaped objects that the magnet can pick up. It can be separately attached to the rope and can lift heavy objects.

The magnet fishing rope included in this kit measures 65 feet and has both ends stitched with loops. You can use the rope with two carabiners for the magnet and grappling hook. Along with the rope, a pair of safety gloves prevents any rope burns or blisters. Moreover, these gloves have a neoprene coating to make them waterproof and non-slip.

Overall this magnet fishing kit is ideal for beginners and professionals with a reasonable price tag and superior quality.

Salvage Neodymium Fishing Magnet

What We Like

  • A complete magnet fishing kit.
  • Strong magnet.
  • Strong rope with two carabiners.
  • Safety gloves.
  • Grappling hook.
  • Plastic scraper included.

What We Don’t Like

  • It might need strong carabiners.



The quality of a fishing magnet can make or break your magnet fishing trip. Choosing the right magnet fishing kit could be daunting, but we have gathered all the features you need to have in the best fishing magnet.

Type of Magnet

There are different types of magnets available with varying strengths. The most common magnets are ceramic or ferrite, mounting magnets, and neodymium. The ceramic magnets are not suitable for magnet fishing because of their weaker pulling power.

On the other hand, the mounting magnets have stronger pulling power. Still, they are not suitable for fishing because they can get rusted if it’s not coated. Moreover, the magnet-to-magnet attraction is poor and will repel each other upon contact.

On the other hand, neodymium magnets are rare earth magnets made out of iron and neodymium alloy. These are powerful and permanent magnets widely used, making them perfect for magnet fishing.

Pulling Power

Taking into consideration the pulling power of a fishing magnet is essential. It is because the pulling power of a magnet will determine how much weight it will pull. So, therefore, you should look for a fishing magnet with high pulling power because you never know what size object you might pull from the depths.

Protective Coating

The fishing magnet will be spending quite some time underwater; it should have a protective coating against rust and damage. Therefore you should always check if the fishing magnet has a nickel-copper-nickel coating. On top of that, the magnet should have an A3 steel cover to protect it against other damage. These coatings and coverings give your magnet a longer life and the same magnetic strength throughout its life.

Magnet Attachment

To use your magnet deep inside the water requires some sort of attachment for a rope. Therefore choose a magnet with a countersunk hole that enables it to attach an i bolt or a hook to a rope.

Rope Length and Strength 

A strong rope is required to pull heavy metal objects from the depths when magnet fishing. For this purpose, the rope should withstand the weight of the things and wear and tear. Make sure to choose a rope with maximum weight capacity and thickness to hold it properly. Moreover, the rope must be attached to the magnet either by tying it or using a high-strength carabiner.

Protective Gloves

Handling a rope while magnet fishing can cause rope burns and blisters. To prevent that from happening, make sure to have a pair of protective gloves that are waterproof and anti-slip.

Other Accessories required for magnet fishing 

  • The best fishing magnet kit should include a thread locker to secure the i bolt to prevent the magnet from getting lost.
  • Apart from a magnet, a grappling hook helps pick up uneven objects from the depths that a magnet can’t pick.
  • A plastic scraper is also essential to detach metal objects from the magnet without getting your fingers pinched.


Can a fishing magnet cause injury ?

Fishing magnets have extreme pulling power. Due to its strong pulling force, there is a pinching hazard when using these magnets. So make sure to keep your fingers from getting stuck between metal and magnet.

Do two-sided magnets work better than single-sided ones ?

Yes, because two magnets are better than one. The two-sided magnet gives you a greater chance of finding metal objects by the drag or drop method. 

What strength is required for a fishing magnet?

the best fishing magnet should be as strong as possible because there could be any sized object inside the water that could get attracted to it. Therefore to pick larger things, the magnet should have the strength to pull it. Ideally, the fishing magnet should have pulling power higher than 500 pounds.

Why do I require a thread lock?

 The thread lock is required for magnet fishing because the I bolt can unscrew with repeated use. Therefore, the thread lock prevents the I bolt from unscrewing by itself.



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