A hermit crab is a type of crab. But, it doesn’t mean you can eat it. Are hermit crabs edible? It is among the most searched questions on this species.

The most straightforward answer to you to “be hermit crabs edible?” is, yes, you can eat them. But, you must know many things about this fantastic creature beforehand. Just because it is a crab species, it doesn’t mean that you can eat it or may get a delicious taste. This article will explain whether you can eat a hermit crab and why it has been doubtful to eat them.

What is an edible hermit crab?

Before getting to know whether you can eat a hermit crab, you must know about the hermit crabs. Although you have been lucky to see and have the taste of a usual crab, the room for you to have seen a hermit crab is very low. A hermit crab is a crustacean, and they are a group of aquatic creatures. They have a shell made of calcium. When coming to their body parts, hermit crabs have ten jointed legs, which make them physically look like a crab species.

The symmetrical, segmented body is also a part of their relation to the crabs. They are omnivorous scavengers in the ocean. They can consume small plat and fungal species as well as shrimp species which make them a type of crabs due to the food habit

Why do people search “Are hermit crabs edible?”

People search on the internet if they can eat hermit crabs due to several reasons. First, they want to know whether the hermit crabs are part of the crab family. The following reason is that people don’t see hermit crabs much in their daily lives.

Are hermit crabs edible

The final reason to have searched for “Are hermit crabs edible” is people want to know whether it is fair to pay a higher price for a smaller amount of hermit crabs in the market. Although many questions regarding hermit crabs are related to human consumption, the answer will be more straightforward.

Can I consume hermit crabs?

Hermits crabs are edible creatures, and you already know it. However, their smaller size (4 – 5 inches in size), adoption as a pet in some parts of the world, and the higher price you have to pay are especially against your consumption favor. Also, their diet plan is not an appreciating one either. Hermit crabs eat dead clams, algae, and plants, which makes the hermit disgusting food creatures for humans.

But, it is still a new taste for your tongue, and as a person who tastes various food recipes, you must eat this. The most important thing is hermits are cultivated for human consumption along with higher sanitary standards. It means you will be able to eat hermits with delicious tastes and, without disgusting, some start-rated restaurants in the world. For example, the

Hermit Crab Association and the Blue Ocean Association are two of the main form where you can get to know about hermit crab food sources.

Are hermit crabs able to be cooked?

Of course, you can cook hermit crabs. However, they are not as hard as usual crabs. Still, you will e able to have delicious seafood in eth end. According to some of the known recipes, the hermit crab, fermented chili & bean blossoms is one of the best recipes for a hermit crab. It is important to note that it is not recommended to have Hermit crabs without cooking due to the dirt on their bodies.

Are Hermit crabs good for my children?

Of course, you can. Since hermit crabs are not allergic to children or people with special health assistance, you can provide them for your family. Although mercury poisoning is a rare case for crabs in the ocean, you will not have to consider them as the Hermits don’t go further in the deep ocean. Hermits depend on small food content.

Here Are Hermit Crabs Edible, 06 Species

If you are a person who favors colors and the size of the Hermit crabs, then the identification of Hermit crab species will surely help you. Also, if you wonder are hermit crabs edible, then this guide will explain why you don’t have to worry about choosing a hermit crabs species for your consumption.

Purple Pincher Hermit Crab (Caribbean hermit crab)

The purple Pincher is the most common Hermit crab species in the world at present. Since they are the most social living creatures in the Hermit family, they make good pests too. Most of the Hermit faring restaurants choose this species as they can be maintained pretty easily. Since the Purple species has a natural color similar to eh typical crabs, the market demand is also higher.

Strawberry Hermit Crabs


If you are asking are hermit crabs are edible due to their color, then the reddest member in the hermit family will answer you. The particular species has got its name due to its body color, similar to a strawberry. Although the is red in color, the market demand is less than other species as they don’t produce delicious meat.


Ecuadorian Hermit Crab (Coenobita Compressus)

You know that Hermit crabs are the smallest ones in eth Crab family. When compared al the Hermit crab species, the Ecuadorian Hermit Crab is the smallest member of the family. If you wonder Are hermit crabs edible due to their size, then that will be a fair question regarding this species. Not only the smallest size, but the grayish-colored body is going in disfavor of the consumption. Although they have a higher color variation, the demand is low in the market.

Ruggie Hermit Crab

Ruggie Hermit Crab

If you are a person who collects various food tastes, then the Ruggie Hermit Crab will have to be on your list. It is o the rare side of the table, and you will have to search for it. According to Seafood specialists, the Hermit crab has higher nutritional value as it has been found that they contain Vitamins that can increase your skin tone.

Australian land hermit crab

Are hermit crabs edible in Australia? Of course. Although you are at the far end of the world, you will have a delicious taste to you. The Australian land hermit comes along with a brown color, and it is delicious in taste. They can tolerate harder conditions, and the body size doesn’t change either.

Blueberry Hermit Crab

If the blue color is your favorite, then the Blueberry Hermit crab will be your favorite. It is important to note that this is a typical hermit crab species, and you will find the typical taste in their meat. If you are curious if Are hermit crabs edible in their blue colors, then the answer will still be a yes.

What Is the Most Nutritious Hermit Crab?

There is no variation for the Hermit crab species in the food market. Although they are categorized into various species due to the colors of the body, type of the shell, and the habitat, the taste, as well as the quality of the meat, don’t vary much. You can simply consume any Hermit crab species you see in the market.

If you are concerned about your hygiene, you will have to think about the place where they are cultivated. If the hermit crabs are cultivated along with a particular food diet, you will find moderate nutrition from them than other hermits. Some Hermit farms provide special diets for Hermit such as Spinach, romaine lettuce, mangoes, coconut, papaya, and seaweed in smaller ratios to get a special taste in their meat.

What Is The Difference Between Hermit Crabs And Other Crabs?

If you argue that the Hermit crab is not a part of the Crab family, that will be a possibility. Even if you argue that hermit crabs are a part of the crabs, that will sols be a possibility. However, since you are asking where hermit crabs are edible, the appearance and the morphological difference will have to be your main concern.

When compared to typical crabs, hermit crabs have slender and softer bodies making them the lightest crab species. You will be able to imagine a long chameleon’s tail without legs and other external body parts. They don’t have rough bodies, which makes them vulnerable and exposed to the environment without its hard shell.

Being dirtier is also a part of their lifestyle. Since they are much domesticated, not making many movements, they get dirtier than other crabs. The dirt and the stinky nature of their shells are major reasons to be refused by people. In addition, their Waste buildup increases spilled water, and spoiled food is the reason for having a bad odor in their bodies.

Suppose the morphology is what makes you interested. In that case, you will find that hermit crabs and other crabs are not closer relatives. Instead, hermit crabs are decapod crustaceans of the superfamily Paguroidea.

Are Hermit crabs dangerous?

They do not contain any poison, making them impossible to eat. Hermit crabs don’t contain any disease-causing nutrients for humans or they are not allergic to humans. If you have the question are hermit crabs edible as they are poisonous, that is a question without any core. What makes them difficult to be taken for consumption is their lack of flesh in the body. If you don’t mind, you will be able to eat as much as hermit crabs.

Can I identify a healthy Hermit crab?

Of course, you can observe them for their vigor using their legs and claws. Just like your legs and other external body parts can say where you have been and to what you have been exposed, hermits crabs can say. If the Hermit has reddish color all over their legs and claws, you will find them healthier. If they have grayish or darker colors, it means they have faced several challenges in their natural habitats.

Hermit crab’s nutritional value

Hermit crabs are great sources of calcium. Unlike most seafood, you will be able to get a higher calcium percentage from their meat as the hermit crabs save their excessive calcium intake. Hermit crabs expend loss of calcium for molting, and the rest will be saved in their flesh. Protein is the next most available source of energy that your body can get. Since Hermit crabs get to eat shrimps, algae, and some smaller fish species, their bodies act as storage for massive protein content.

According to research conducted by the University of California, the Hermit crab meat contains 78% more protein than usual crab species. Other than the mentioned nutrients, you will be able to get Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Biotin, and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride substance into your body from the Hermit as a nutrition-based food source. Although what you get to eat is a small amount, you will be able to add the above nutrients to your body in that limited ratio.


Why should I be careful when eating Hermit crab?

Copper poisoning s among the deadliest reasons for Hermit crabs. Although they can tolerate Copper in their bodies, the overdose may kill them after producing poisoning substances in their bodies. You must make sure that you have a healthy hermit crab before consumption.

Conclusion: Are hermit crabs edible? This is all you should know before eating

This article has explained how hermit crabs are edible. Now you must know that their smaller body weight, extensiveness, and the improved social behavior of the hermit crabs have made them harder features on your food plate. Also, they are among the healthiest food sources in the sea without having side effects or food poisoning causes. If you consume Hermit crabs in the correct way after knowing all facts, the end result will be a delicious food along with enhanced health benefits.


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