We know how fascinating it is to chase records, be it yours or others. As an angler, how do you determine the success of a catch? Obviously, you can get a fair idea of the width and the length of the fish. But, to tell exactly about your success, you need to have a fishing scale. Perhaps, that is one major reason why every pro angler has a digital fishing scale in their armory.

Digital Fishing Scale
Digital Fishing Scale

Whatever your ambition is, we have done a thorough research and found the five best digital fishing scales on Amazon and thought it would be helpful to share them with an angler like you who is interested in numbers and records. In order to add more value to the article, we have tried to include every aspect of a digital fishing scale that you need to think about so that you can buy the perfect product without any issue. Let’s get started.

Why do you need a digital fishing scale?

Whether you are a pro angler or just doing it as a hobby, at the end of the day, the satisfaction should be there to fuel the journey. You tell your friend about the catch you succeeded with, and he asks, how about the weight? You will have to guess and tell, right? The joy suddenly gets vanished!

However, it becomes more important for those who are into tournaments or similar activities. You just cannot miss the records and have to be précised with the weights. So, it is imperative for professional anglers to carry a high-quality digital scale.

What should you look for on a digital fishing scale?

Let’s get into the subject straight away. These are the factors you should look at when purchasing a digital fishing scale on Amazon.

Water Resistance and Durability

First and foremost, the product you choose must have the capabilities to work under wet conditions. You don’t use these gadgets on your bed. So, they must bear the harsh and hard conditions without much problem. As an example, it should prevent saltwater corrosion and handle unexpected showers, and splashes. For enhanced protection, you can opt for a waterproof dry bag for fishing.



Now, this is one of the most important elements of a digital fishing scale. It has to be accurate from start to end. We have seen most digital scales provide faulty readings when weighing comparatively small fish sorts, especially below three pounds. This can be a nightmare, particularly for the pro anglers who participate in tournaments.

So, if you are planning to purchase a product on the internet, make sure you read the previous user comments. However, you can disregard this factor if you opt for a scale on this list because we have done that part on behalf of you.

Display and Readings

The readings on display must be comprehensive and easy to understand. Also, the scale must have a backlight on the screen to help you in nighttime fishing activities. If you are fishing under hot son, these readings should be easy as well. In addition, wearing a fishing hat would become easy to keep your eyes cool in the hot sun. Click here to check some of the best fishing hats going around these days

Moreover, there should be options to convert pounds to kilograms, memory recording functions, and few other necessary buttons to handle the device. However, you don’t have to own the most sophisticated device; just consider your requirement well in advance and find a fitting scale.

Weight limit

This factor also depends on your preference, and you must predetermine the weight of the fish you are going to catch. Yes, we know you can’t precisely guess the weight, but you are not catching 200-pound fish, right? There are scales that go beyond 100lbs as well, but similarly, the price tag also will go up.



Digital scales work using battery power, and the batteries should last for a considerable period of time without failing. On the other hand, some units provide wrong readings when battery health is low. In addition, when you are choosing a device, see whether the batteries are replaceable or not, and those batteries must be easy to find.

It is always a good idea to carry a couple of spare batteries. In order to do that, the batteries should be readily available.


Although you are planning to catch heavy fish, the digital fishing scale that you carry must not weigh too much. First of all, it will throw handling difficulties at you, and it will be a burden for your activities. It would be great if the scale you choose is small enough to place in a pocket of your fishing vest for easy mobility.


Last but not least, you have to think about the price. Let’s keep it this way. The inexpensive products won’t last for too long, and you will have to look for another device rather quickly. It works oppositely for pricey products. That said, if you are not a regular angler or not intending the scale to use in a tournament, you can survive with an inexpensive product.

However, as far as we are concerned, a digital fishing scale is an investment. Go for a high-quality product straightaway; surely, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy a top-notch fishing scale.

Digital fishing scale caring tips

Regular maintenance is essential for a prolonged lifetime regardless of the tool you use, and it’s the same with digital scales.

  • Clean the scale after every use using a soft piece of cloth. You can use any piece of cloth that is not hard on the scale. Do not leave saltwater on it.
  • If possible, always take pair of batteries with you when you go out fishing.
  • Storing of the device must be done after it is properly dried up and store appropriately.
  • If you are not planning to use the digital fishing scale for a considerable period of time, remove the batteries before you store them.
  • You should use it to check on the precision of the weighing every now and then.

Top 5 Best Fishing Scales on Amazon

Here are our recommended products.

1. Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale 15lb

According to our thinking, Rapala is a brand that exactly knows the requirements of anglers. Also, not all anglers are pros, and not all use scales in tournaments. This particular unit can go up to 15lbs and offers reasonable features to the users at an affordable price. It has a big display, and there are numerous readings appear on it to help you with different tasks.

Rapala Digital Fishing Scale

Some of the features include a large digital touch screen, composite weight clamp, stainless steel hook, and the scale is water-resistant as well. Moreover, the backlight of the Rapala touch screen tourney is pretty useful to work in a darker environment, and it is well-equipped with a backup memory option as well.

Further, we like the fact that it has an eight-piece culling system and three-weight display options. Talking about portability the total unit weighs only 0.3 pounds, and the slim stature makes it easy to carry wherever you go.


A water-resistant scale
Highly portable
-Ambient temperature
-Large digital touch screen


-Weighs only up to 15lbs



2. Fishfun Fish Scale

This one is for monsters! Yes, indeed. Fishfun fish scale is an Amazon’s Choice product, and there are loads of reasons to justify that badge from Amazon. First of all, it can weigh up to 110lbs with pinpoint accuracy; the rate of accuracy is guaranteed thanks to the high precision sensor. The three inch rubber-coated handle is there to provide comfort to your hands while weighing heavy stuff.

Fishfun Fishing Scales

To add more value to the product, Fishfun has included features such as weight unit conversion, auto-off, zero-tare feature, and useful data lock function. The LCD screen is big enough to facilitate space for all of these figures, and the readings are quite straightforward and comprehensive. The improved battery-saving circuit ensures more than 120 hours (without the backlight usage), and it automatically switches off after two minutes when inactive.

Actually, there are tons of features and options in this unit, and over 80% of five-star ratings on Amazon say that we have picked a top-quality product on our list. Also, something has to be mentioned about the price tag; it won’t cost you even 25 bucks!



-An Amazon’s choice fishing scale
-Super affordable
-Weighs up to 110lbs

-A backlight available
-Power saving mode


Has durability issues



3. JOOKKI Hanging Scale

It starts with 20g and runs up to 50kgs (110lbs). The accuracy of the JOOKKI hanging scale is up to the mark, and you can read the weights from g/kg/lb or OZ. It features a bright and large electronic display, and the readings are crystal clear. In addition, it has a built-in three feet long measuring tape which you can use to measure the length and width of your catch.


Coming back to the display of the scale, you can see auto-off function, unit conversion, data lock, and tape utility. In fact, you can use it as a universal weighing gadget to weigh a variety of objects because of the built and the hook. The hook is made of stainless steel, and there is a metal handle on top of the scale for easy maneuverability.

It is accurate, simple, light-weighted and the best part of this digital fishing scale is that it is inexpensive compared to most competing products.


Weighs up to 100lbs
-Unit conversion
-Backlit display
-Data lock
-Overloading hints


The batteries drain fast



4. HEETA Fish Scale

This is another simple yet powerful fishing scale that does most of the heavy-duty lifting for you. The HEETA fish scale weighs only 8.3 ounces, but it can help you measure up to 110lbs without much of a fuss. The unit is powered by 2 AAA batteries, and it comes with dismountable nylon wrap.

There are three convertible weighing units, and the big LCD display lets you know about the figures accurately and comfortably. The tare function of the scale can weigh only the fish disregarding the weight of the container. Also, the zero function is capable enough to bring the scale back to zero instantly.

Also, the HEETA fish scale is a product with more than 75% of five-star customer ratings, and the affordability makes it a popular scale among all kinds of anglers.



A portable digital fishing scale
-Can weigh up to 110lbs
-Comfortable grip
-Tare/zero functions
-Big LCD display


Not waterproof


5. Berkley BTDFS50-1 Digital Fish Scale

The ergonomic body design is the first thing that strikes the mind when looking at this product from Berkley. Incredibly, it weighs only 0.23 ounces and can hold up to 50lbs. The system of the scale can store up to 10 previous weights in memory because of the auto-save function. The handle makes the job easier thanks to the wide opening, and you won’t experience any difficulties when weighing even to the highest point of the allowed weight limit.

Unlike the above-mentioned scale, the Berkley fish scale is water-resistant, and you can use the tare feature to calculate the combined weight of multiple fish. The name of Berkley and this particular product is nothing new to the anglers. In fact, it has been there since 2004, and we think you can assume how effective the product is to remain more than 17 years in the market.


Water-resistant construction
Auto-save function
-Ergonomic body design
-Tare feature
-A light-weighted device


The maximum weight limit is 50lbs as


Fish Scale Types

1. Mechanical (Analog) Fishing Scales
  • hanging scale
  • Floor scale
2. Digital Scales
  • hanging scale
  • Floor scale


Digital vs. Mechanical (Analog) Scales

  1. Digital weighing scales use sensors to measure weight
  2. recording reading can become Very Easy And accurate
  3. Need Power DC Source
  4. Same product waterproof Other Not
  5. It is not long durable. 
  1. Analog scales with spring mechanisms
  2. Recording reading can become difficult 
  3. No Need any Power
  4. Can you Any Condition
  5. long durable


Are fishing scales reliable?

Yes, they are. Nowadays, there are high-quality products available in the market that you can use with utter confidence. But, the calibration has to happen correctly, and you should take care of the device in a proper manner.

Do these units float?

Not all, but most new models have this capability. If you expect this feature, double-check with the manufacturer before you pull your credit card out.

Where to buy digital fishing scales?

Type digital fishing scales on Amazon; you will find a bucket full of products. In order to help your cause, we have handpicked these products and considered previous user experiences as well. You hardly have chances to go wrong if you grab one of these recommended products.

What to look for on a digital fishing scale?

The maximum weight, LCD display, price, water resistance, portability, and batteries are some of the important factors to consider.

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